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In today’s time, pollution is the biggest problem, in it air pollution due to which we are unable to get clean air due to which many life-threatening diseases are associated with the breath, along with it, around the house and around for stress-free and comfortable sleep. It is important that the air is repaired, there are options like masks and air purifiers etc. to clean the air inside the house, but there are some plants which can be used in your home. By rate place to keep clean the air naturally.
There are many things related to our routine that make the air of the house polluted, according to the World Health Organization, the bad air inside the house increases the risk of damage due to communicable and non-communicable diseases, including serious diseases like heart disease. And people suffering from any lung related disease must stay in clean air.

How plants work – 

 Aloe vera, neem snake plant etc. There are many plants which provide oxygen even at night and such plants can also serve as air purifiers for the home. Many indoor plants release toxic gases and detergents from the bathroom. Can reduce toxic gas etc.

Grind lily – 

If you want a light fragrance along with greenery, keep this evergreen plant at home. This plant that grows in the dose of light and normal water, has a wonderful shine to prevent air pollution and reduce the effect of many types of poisonous winds. Can do.

Snake plant –

 This plant prevents pollution by increasing the oxygen level in the air and also reduces the effect of ammonia gas and this plant also reduces the smell of garbage due to nitrogen oxides and soak up polluted air leading to better sleep.
Rubber plant – It is commonly known as ornamental plant but its biggest feature is that this plant can survive even in the slightest sun, it keeps the environment free from harmful organic compounds emanating from furniture. can be placed.

Basil  –

 This plant helps in keeping the air clean and filters toxic gases from the air and also has many medicinal properties but it requires regular light and water.
Neem – Neem contains antioxidants and it helps in fighting against diseases. Neem should be planted in the open outside the house. This plant keeps the environment clean at night and also acts as a natural insecticide.

Bamboo palm – 

This plant which keeps spider webs away, controls the moisture inside the room along with the decoration, protects it from direct sunlight and it gets air.
Aloe vera – It is a small and easily planted plant, it can be planted indoors and outdoors in the light of the sun and a little moist soil, it releases oxygen at night and is full of many medicinal properties.
Spider Plant – This indoor plant, which looks like a spider, helps in keeping the air clean and it does not require much water.

Money plant – 

It helps in removing the toxic winds like carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide present in the air and its best feature is that it can be found anywhere.
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