Can protein H5 overcome cavety

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about the problem of teeth which has become common today and has become a serious problem, due to which we have to face a lot of problems, we are talking about getting rid of this cavity. Scientists have discovered a protein called H5.
If the cavity is not treated in time, then not only is there a risk of tooth pain and infection, but the teeth can be damaged forever, then researchers have developed such a protein to get rid of this problem.

How this protein works-

This is a protein that gives a layer to the surface of the teeth and thus protects the cavity already present in the teeth as well as protects it from the new cavity in the teeth. With the help of this new layer, efforts are being made to make a modern gel which can be easily applied on the teeth, using which the cavity in the teeth can be prevented.

The risk of infection if the cavity is not treated –

 According to the University of Hong Kong, dental cavity is a very widespread non-communicable disease globally, in which going to the dentist and drilling the cavity and then filling it up can be a little painful. And if the diet is not treated on time, then it can cause tooth ache, infection and many diseases, which can lead to death.
This research has been published in the journal acs salt, in which researchers have tried to develop a protein that protects the plaque from bacteria that accumulates on the surface of teeth, causing cavities. In such a situation, this small protein named H5 has been developed which acts like an anti cavity coating.

Additional safety –

The use of sugar-free chewing gum can help prevent severe cavity in the teeth, which has been reported in a study as sugar-free chewing gum can help prevent tooth loss from progressing and as an effective regulatory agent. Can be used in
This way we can get rid of a serious problem like cavity. This common problem which is common in Suru can lead to serious disease going forward, so if you are facing any such problem then contact your dentist immediately and Treat him as your problem so that your teeth stay with you for a long time.
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