Care Of Cancer by bitter gourd

Hello friends, today I am going to talk on a topic that continues to be a serious problem, these days I am talking about this cancerous disease is spreading rapidly in Indians, due to which it is not on smoking and smoking foods Drugs do not make them vulnerable to this disease, they are also suffering from this serious disease and as I believe the root of every disease is our lifestyle and eating. There is no absence of betel and it has also been found that even the most non-vegetarians can suffer from a serious disease like cancer, so we should take special care of our food and drink because our body becomes as we eat it. Let’s first know what cancer is.

What is cancer –

 Cancer is a disease like other diseases in which the cells of the body start to grow uncontrollably and damage other parts of the body and mostly it is the environment responsible for it, in some cases heredity is responsible and it is many It is of type and can be in any part of the body and takes the life of a man, then I am able to fight against it. Gonna do it

Bitter gourd is very effective in combating cancer –

Bitter gourd is considered effective in the treatment of many diseases for centuries but recent research has shown that it is also effective in fighting cancer, but in the treatment of diabetes, bitter gourd juice St. Louis university of Missouri is quite used
Bitter gourd is effective in fighting cancer and it is used as a food in many countries. Bitter gourd originally belongs to Kerala, South Indian state of India. Later this vegetable was grown in many places and it was eaten firstly in China. After that, it is used as a food in Africa and Caribbean countries, bitter gourd helps in solving many healthy problems. And in recent times, the use of bitter gourd supplements for the treatment of diabetes has started to occur and it is used prominently in many countries of Asia as a diet.
Experiment on mice – Professor Ratna Ray and his team at Saint Louis University in Missouri have done research on mice and found that bitter gourd is effective in preventing cancerous tumors from growing. Has told about the benefits of bitter gourd.

Experimented on various cancer cells –

Researcher Ratna Ray has grown in India, so she knows well about Kerala’s bioenergy and its medicinal properties. He and his team are capable of fighting, using bitter gourd juice on different types of cancer cells, it has seen breast cancer, brain and cheek Cancer and prostate cancer cells were present in the lab. It was observed in the lab that bitter gourd juice not only prevented these cells from growing in size but also prevented the formation of new cancer cells, the researchers say in preventing the spread of cancer. Bitter gourd can prove to be quite addictive.
After experimenting on mice, researchers found that the use of bitter gourd juice can also reduce tongue cancer. After this, the researchers tested how bitter gourd is effective in fighting cancer, said researcher Ratna Ray soon. This test will be done on humans so that its effect can be known if it is equally effective on humans, then it is not less than any life for cancer patients. Land.
And we also hope that this test can be successful on humans as well and cancer patients can get the benefit because the number of cancer patients is increasing very fast in the world, according to a research, most prepared from life-threatening diseases like cancer. The country is Australia where work death has been recorded compared to other countries.

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