Lucknow: Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) supremo and former UP CM Mayawati on Friday urged people to cooperate with the government in dealing with the Karona epidemic, saying that party MLAs should fight at least one crore rupees to fight Corona.
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Mayawati said that in this time of crisis, people should cooperate with the government. He has also said to use 100 million dollars received from the World Bank in raising health facilities. Mayawati tweeted that, “In the wake of the outbreak of Coronavirus epidemic across the country, especially the BSP MLAs of UP are also appealing that they, like all MPs of the party, have at least Rs 1-1 crore from their MLA fund. Do give for help. Other people of BSP should also take human care of their neighbours.”
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In another tweet, Mayawati said that “There is an appeal to the central government to appropriately use the $ 100 million corona assistance from the World Bank, especially in enhancing health facilities so that the corona outbreak can be properly planned.”. There is also an appeal to the public to cooperate with the government in this hour of disaster.
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