Diabetes Type 2-

Hello friends, today I am going to talk about diabetes type 2 but before that it is important to know what is diabetes and why we have this disease, then let us know about this disease which affects so many people and its Because of this, they are not able to eat their favorite food as well. If you go, you cannot eat the food you like. According to me, the main reason for this is irregular life style and wrong eating and not having to drink with it is also the reason for this and this disease is also called slow death because if you get this disease once you get it, you will be chased throughout your life. She does not give up and also brings many incomes with her. Diabetes patients have problems in the eyes, kidneys, liver, etc. Now the question comes that how is it so the answer is when the penetration of insulin in the body’s pancreas decreases, then the level of glucose in the blood starts to rise and when it increases excessively The same condition is called diabetes, which is made by the digestive gland, which functions to convert food inside the body into strength and this is the hormone. Which controls the amount of sugar in the body.

Diabetes type 2 –

 develops as a result of prolonged insulin resistance and insufficient insulin production. Insulin is produced in it but it is not used, due to which glucose is not able to enter the cells and increases its amount in blood.

Symptoms of diabetes type 2-

 During diabetes type 2, the person gets thirsty again and due to excess glucose in the blood, more work is done to keep the kidneys clean and excess glucose is removed from the body through urine. It is, due to the lack of glucose in the cells of the body, one feels tired as well as a lot of hunger. The wounds in the body do not heal quickly because blood sugar levels do not heal and in type 2 patients it is found that there is a rapid drop in weight, meaning that sudden weight loss is also a symptom. Infection is a symptom of this and if your hair is falling too fast then it is also a symptom.

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