How To Live a Healthy Life

We all know how important healthy is for us and many things are helpful in making a good healthy life. Today I am going to tell you some such actions that you can live a healthy life in your life throughout your life. If you have any type of disease like obesity, stress insomnia, breathing, blood pressure or any stomach related disease, then there are some asanas or yogic mudras, due to which you can get healthy, but you have to practice them regularly with a balanced diet.
How to keep yourself healthy through yoga poses – whatever the weather, if you want to be healthy, then it is very important to include exercise or yoga in your routine. In this posture, the shape of our body is similar to a sitting camel, to do this, first of which, sitting in Vajrasana and then knees. Stand up, then keep both hands on the waist, then take long and deep breaths, practice to bend the back part of the waist slowly and when the upper part of the waist starts to turn, then at the same time, your legs from both your hands. Let’s hold the calves. Or keep both hands on the feet on the soles and stop the breath in the same posture as per your capacity. If you are not able to stop breathing, slowly straighten the body while exhaling and come back to normal. Do at least five times.
If you practice this asana regularly then the muscles of the stomach, back, waist, and shoulders are strong and flexible, with the benefit of asthma, this asana keeps the heart and lungs strong. It eliminates throat problem, constipation, gas etc. But heart patients and pregnant women should not practice this asana.

Gomukhasana –

This asana is very useful in the problem of asthma, the way to do this is to sit on the ground first, after that, bend the left leg near the buttock and sit on the right buttock and similarly bend the right leg. Bring the left buttock in which the position of the knee should be such that both the knees come on top of each other which is above the knee, bend the palm of the same side from the back and keep the palm out. While keeping it free, bend the other hand from above and while holding the elbow straight, hold the fingers of the two hands together, then stay in the same posture for a while, but keep in mind that one thing is the waist, neck and head are very straight. And the speed of breath should be normal and eyesight should be practiced after staying in this position for some time by turning the other pair in the same way and changing the position of the hands. Come. This asana is especially beneficial for asthma and other patients, besides it, it removes debility, diabetes, diabetes, polyuria etc.
But arthritis patients should not practice it.

Sleeping Vajrasana –

 In this posture, taking the shape of our body is like Vajrasana, to come in this posture, first come in Vajrasana posture, then stand on the knee and open the legs from the back so that you can sit on the ground now both hands Place it on the knee of the foot, then first the left elbow and then the right elbow on the ground and then slowly turn your head back on the ground and yes Put the pressure on the chest and raise the waist and keep the neck on the ground, keep the chest in motion, keep the breath normal, but keep in mind that both the hands are on our knees, in the normal position, using the elbows slowly in order to stop. Come And practice it at least five times.

Benefits –

This yoga practice helps in strengthening ankle, knee, shoulder, waist, abdomen and garden and relieves respiratory diseases and diseases of throat. It is also beneficial in arthritis but people who are troubled by high blood pressure, sciatic slip disc etc. They should do this asana under the supervision of an expert.
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