How to lose weight –

 In today’s time, obesity has become a serious problem and every age group is suffering from this problem, whether it is a child, young or old, and this problem has become common in all men and women. And if I tell you the reason for this on a Sabbath, the lack of manual labor and wrong eating, this modernity has separated manual labor from our lives and has made us lazy, now we have to work and sit at the computer. And also do not exercise, due to which age our body starts to become obese and this age is usually after 30 when our body starts getting obese at home which can be associated with itself. Causes of serious diseases like high blood pressure, sugar heart attack are all common problems that come with obesity and take our lives and the problem of obesity in children is the reason of lack of physical labor sports and Wrong food, children nowadays like to play games in mobile and computer and eat spicy food outside the spring for eating food which is highly consumed. Are not beneficial for the body but also brings serious problems such as obesity. In women, this problem arises after marriage or after having children, which is the reason for not doing manual labor during pregnancy and during pregnancy, the body of women releases some hormones that are responsible for obesity. Women also consume a lot of spicy or acidic food during their pregnancy, which leads to obesity, due to which we have to think how to lose weight.
But in response to this I will try to control how to control weight and live a healthy life

Change your food habits –

 Whenever these questions come up, how to lose weight, then understand that we need to make changes in our food, but here I am not going to say that you give up food or eat less than your hunger. I am going to tell you what to eat and how to eat, so first of all, eat what you eat and chew it properly so that the saliva of your mouth gets mixed well in your food and chew the food till Do not become liquid, you will find that your diet is balanced in a few days and you eat less food than before.It is the old belief that the food in the mouth should be chewed 32 times so that your body can digest the food easily. Could. Now it comes to Khan, you should eat green and fresh leafy vegetables in it, in which use spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and fresh seasonal fruits, in which you use pomegranate, sev grapes, oranges, melon and cucumber cucumber. Which can be very helpful in weight loss.
Therefore, it is necessary to balance the food so that the question does not come before us, how to lose weight.

Do physical exertion –

 Whatever we eat can be easily digested, physical exertion is required as well as physical exertion is required for cleaning our body. When we work hard our body gets sweat out which With the body dirt comes out. So bring physical exertion in life for which you can play a game which takes hard work like swimming, running, jogging, batminton, football, etc. so don’t have to think how to lose weight.
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