Weight Loss In Thirty Days-

As you all know that nowadays people are very much worried about obesity, today I will tell you how you can start weight loss as soon as possible, but before coming to this issue we should know a little about why we gain weight. Because if the cause is not known, how will the remedy be found? It is important to know why our weight is increasing, everyone may have different reasons, but here I will talk on some common reason, all of you will also be hidden in this reason, so see your daily schedule is unbalanced. If you are not regular, you eat at any time like late night or throughout the day you must be eating something. There will be a lack of hard work in the body, you will not be doing any hard work because those who work hard will find you less fat and then the food will be wrong for you, in which most of the people will be using oily food or using salty peppery or sweet. Because of which your weight is increasing.
Now come on some diseases which can also cause you to gain weight such as increased thyroid or excessive stress and sleep due to stress and due to which food is not digested properly. Can increase your weight, sometimes people try to lose weight and take stress if they are not losing weight, if I say, the reason for most weight gain is irregular eating and physical Is the lack of improved and stress. It has become a matter of reason of obesity now that how to work it, that too in working time.

What to eat –

 First of all, I will start with a change in food, you need to change your food if you want to lose weight as quickly as possible, some people want to lose weight but do not want to change their food but You need to change, you have to consume food grains at least, you have to pay more attention to fruits and vegetables and use it more than fresh fruits. Please use the up- and vegetable juices, to drink a Bhigon some Kismis in a glass of water at night and in the morning empty stomach to eat chewing the Bhigoy vine and water. This will also create blood in your body and will give you strength and it is also helpful in your weight loss. Use plenty of fruits rich in vitamin C and eat whatever you eat little by little and if you eat grains then chew chew a lot Eat so that the food will be digested well and you will eat less.

What not to eat –

 cereal is to be used sparingly and not to be eaten in a hurry, tea or coffee is to be used sparingly. Eat whatever food you have till seven in the night so that the food you eat can be digested easily.

Exercise –

 My exercise here is not just about going to the health center and working hard. In exercise, you can do a little running, do a little swimming, do some push ups and do yoga. According to this, you should do pranayama and running and swimming daily, if you want to lose weight quickly, then doing these things will definitely make you positive within 30 days. Will result.
Do meditation: Stress is also a big reason to gain weight and we all know that meditation is the best way to reduce stress. Sometimes we take the stress of weight loss, so meditation is very important and together we get that body Try to watch as you want to be and keep yourself happy at that time, positive results will come.
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