benefits of Amla

Benefits Of Amla

Hello friends, today we will talk about such a fruit which is full of vitamin C and which has many benefits of using, yes we are talking about Amla which is a very beneficial fruit which has been called Amrit in Ayurveda. In today’s time, due to environment, excessive growth of pollution has a bad effect on our health, people are having difficulty in living a normal life, in such a situation, if the resistance of the body increases, then you can avoid many diseases. There are many benefits of Amla in this way, which I am going to tell you about.

Multiple benifits of amla

Amla being rich in vitamin C increases our immune resistance and is also very beneficial in many other diseases and by using Amla, we can protect our body from these diseases. Let us know in which diseases Amla is beneficial mainly.

Beneficial for the heart

Consuming amla does not increase the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, which does not harm the heart in any way due to the amino acids and antioxidants in it, heart rate is governed smoothly. Amla is a good choice.

Enough antioxidants –

Antioxidants are found in sufficient amounts in amla and antioxidants help in purification of blood and remove harmful substances from the body.

Effective for skin

Amla is very useful for maintaining the natural beauty of the skin. The skin of amla eaters keeps on glowing. It also has anti fungal properties. People who eat amla periodically do not have fungal and bacterial problems associated with the skin. The skin of such people is always ready to fight such infection.

Beneficial for bones

Osteoarthritis and joint pain remain a common problem in today’s environment. The ingredients present in amla are very beneficial for bones, it contains sufficient amount of calcium which prevents the bones from weakening and also helps in the absorption of amla calcium. is.

Aids in weight control

According to Ayurveda, if you are overweight, then start eating amla regularly, amla excretes all the toxins from the body, due to which the digestion process is smooth, whether minerals or salts or other vitamins, the amla absorbs them all. Which reduces weight.

Beneficial in eye light

Due to excessive use of laptops and mobiles at the young age of children, eyesight gets affected, in such a situation, Amla can prove to be very helpful in increasing eyesight, as well as relieves other problems of the eyes like irritation or itching. Actually, the vitamin C antioxidants and omega three fatty acids present in it increase the eyesight of the eyes.

Useful for head hair

Everyone wishes that his head hair is black thick and strong and remains on his head for a long time and what people do in the desire of such hair, but there can be no better hair tonic than staff. Along with being useful in developing K, prevents hair loss and prevents premature whitening and prevents dandruff and baldness.


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