Bhastrika pranayama

Bhastrika Pranayama(Bellows Breathing Technique

Hello friends, here we will talk about Bhastrika Pranayam here, here we will know how Bhastrika Pranayama is done and what are the benefits of it and who should not do it. When to do or not, I will answer your every question so that you can take advantage of this pranayama by adopting it in your life.
In the language of yoga, it is called Bhastrika, which means that a blacksmith like a blower leaves a strong wind from the object of the blower to heat it and removes its impurities by heating the iron and gives it shape, in the same way, in the Bhastrika Pranayama, the impurity inside the body Like a blower, to remove, the unleaded air is taken out and the repaired air is taken in at the same speed. Vata balances bile phlegm and removes physical problems arising out of its imbalance. Today, it is good practice to remove the impurities in the body due to polluted environment.

How Is Bhastrika Pranayama Performed

Bhastrika pranayama should be empty stomach in the morning in the day, for this, choose a clean place where the environment is good, then sit in a padmashan or sukhasana by laying postures and start Bhastrika pranayama and while doing this, your head, throat spinal cord straight Should be and while doing this, the mouth should be closed and take full breath from both your nasal cavities at one speed and take full breath in After that, throw the breath out of both the nasal cavities at a speed and the speed of breathing and exhalation should be fast. And the breath should be exhaled completely in and out and while doing bhastrika pranayama, some things should be taken care of such as focus on the brain while inhaling and feel the changes in your body, experience the relaxed environment around you and Be happy and feel that the supernatural energy of the entire universe is entering your body and through the breath all of your body. If Marie is out should be such Bstrika pranayama with positive thoughts and energy is its increased profits and we feel secretary.

Benefits Of Bhastrika pranayama

The mind and body get energy, the body remains healthy and regular practice of Bhastrika Pranayama gives miraculous benefits in lung disease, shadow disease, cancer asthma and other serious diseases but the condition is that it should be practiced regularly. Due to the rapid ingress of air in the lungs, the amount of oxygen in the blood increases and the heat is produced in the body and through the machine, the toxins of our body get out and the body gets cleansed and the lungs become stronger. And respiratory diseases are overcome. While doing Bhastrika Pranayama, our diaphragms work fast, which makes the abdominal organs strong and functions smoothly and our digestion is strengthened. It is also beneficial for eradicating all the brain related disorders like eye, nose, ear keeps healthy, vata, pitta removes dosha, liver is strong and what we eat is easily digested and get rid of serious problems like obesity. It gives Bhastrika Pranayama. And by doing this, the nervous system gets strengthened and works well.

Who Should not do Bhastrika Pranayama

Bhastrika pranayam should not be used for people suffering from high blood pressure, as well as those who are suffering from heart disease, dizzy head, brain tumor or stomach ulcer such as pranayama. And after doing it in summer, sitali pranayama should be done so that the heat does not increase in the body.

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