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Benefits Of Safed Musli

Hello friends, today we will talk about Svet Mousli which is an Ayurvedic medicine which has been used as a major medicine in Ayurveda for centuries and Svet Mousli is known as a powerful herb, so first of all let’s know a little About Swet Musli because before we use any medicine, we should know its benefits and disadvantages, only then we can take more advantage of it. Swet Musli is very much used in Ayurveda and its root and seed as medicine Carbohydrates, proteins, fiber, calcium, potassium etc. are found in very high quantity in its root and this plant is found in many regions of the world under different names and its drug intake is the highest in India. Even today, it is not being used as a powerful tonic since ancient times, but its many benefits which we are going to talk about and the body whose problems can prove to be helpful in removing it. I will mention it here. So that you can get more and more information about Svet Musli.

Use Of Safed Musli In Weakness

Swet Musli is a very effective medicine to remove weakness of the body because people often complain of weakness due to taking a balanced diet, because in today’s run-of-the-mill life, we are not able to give our body the diet that He needs that as a result our body becomes weak day by day but there is no need to panic, it is very beneficial to consume white musli powder by mixing sugar candy in 2 to 4 grams of white musli and take it with milk. But there is a great help in removing weakness and Svet Musli also removes the weakness of your penis.

Benefits In Sexual Dysfunction

Sometimes due to stress or physical problems or due to the side effect of any other drug, there is a decrease in the desire for sex in the body, which can also lead to the breakdown of a relationship, but there is no need to panic. Will increase your sexual desire, take white musli powder and take ashwagandha powder and take sugar candy together and consume it with milk for a few days, then you will see the difference in a few days and it will increase your desire to have sex. Drug is very effective in increasing sexual desire, so you can use it to increase your sexual desire.

Boosting Sperm Quality

If someone has a problem with sperm defects, because of which he is disturbed and lack of sperm can cause many other problems like lack of sperm can affect your reproductive capacity and you can become sexually weak. Therefore, it is necessary to have sufficient amount of sperm, for this, add the same amount of sugar in 2 to 4 grams of muesli powder and take it with cow milk.
Take 2 to 3 grams of powdered root of white musli and mix sugar candy in equal quantity and consume it, as well as the weakness of sperm is eliminated, and the quality of your sperm is improved, which benefits your You will also get sexual activity and your reproductive capacity will increase.

Is There any side effect of safed musli

Like every medicine, where white musli has so many benefits, there are some losses as well, but there are more benefits than harm, if you consume it excessively and for a long time, then you can see its damage. Some symptoms may appear, such as excessive intake can decrease your hunger and due to its cold, it can increase phlegm in the body, so only after consulting a doctor if you have a problem related to phlegm Consume it and if your digestive system is weak, then consume white musli only in limited quantity because it is late digestion, due to which you may face troubles related to digestive system, in case of anything like this, contact the doctor immediately and white musli Stop the intake for some time. So here are the benefits of white pestle as far as I understand the benefits of white pestle are countless and the losses are less but it should be used in limited quantity because it is better to keep medicine and body away from medicine. . So do not consume it without need. And when needed, be healthy and take full advantage of it.

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