How To Boost Your Immune System By Yoga

It is being talked about at the time of corona virus rupee epidemic, strong immunity, which has stronger immunity, it can fight the corona in a better way, it is the job of our body’s immune system. Fight against any disease and do not let it affect the body, in which people whose immune systems are strong, they fight well. And defeats the disease, and the immune system is weak, but the coroner is more vulnerable to death than he has died, because his immune system is weakened over time and due to diseases We are not able to fight properly so until corona virus medicine is made, then we are some medium by which we can increase our immunity. And we can compete with this pandemic, it is from them that we are going to discuss here how we can increase our immune system through yoga.
Yoga makes our immunity strong by balancing both our mind and body, so let us see which postures can be helpful. In enhancing our immune system, our immune system finds and fights germs in the body like any antivirus But many times our immune system starts to become weak due to which we get infected immediately from any disease, in such a situation, first of all we get our disease. Rtirodk’s capabilities can be fought must strengthen if illness.

Trigonasana –

 Make a difference of 2 to 3 feet between your legs. Slowly tilt the upper part of your waist in front and hold the paws of the right pair with the palm of the right hand. Both knees are bent, the arm of the left arm is above the left particle. Keep in the triangle posture, then do the same action by bending to the left, it eliminates stomach disorders and improves blood circulation in the body It is necessary to increase the net.

Supt Pawanmuktasana – 

Lie on your back, keep the feet straight in front of the ground, release the breath and bend the right knee and bring it towards the head. Now try to touch the knee with the nose and stay in this posture for a while and leave this action Do the same with your feet at least five times with both pairs.

Nadi Sodhan Pranayama –

 Sit in Padmasana or Sukhasana, keep the backbone neck and head straight and keep the left hand in the jnana mudra and close the right hand nose from the right hand and the deep nose from the left nose while filling the breath from the right nose. Remove and then remove the breath from the right nose and remove it from the left nose, in this way one cycle of it is complete, similarly you have to complete 15 to 20 cycles. Our task far beyond the capabilities increases heart is terminating.
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