Kidney Stone Treatment Without Surgery

Hello friends, today I am going to talk about the new drug of kidney stones, which can be easily got rid of stones because the use of toxic food is constantly accumulating dirt in our body, which will go further to kidney stone. Takes shape and we have to go through all kinds of troubles, then a new drug has been prepared for those who suffer from kidney stones problem It will be easy to get the stone out through the urinary tract because there is a lot of pain in removing the stone through the urine and to overcome this pain and discomfort, this drug has been made which dilates the urethra slightly, which reduces the pain.

Stone Removal Procedure –

 According to one Sodha, about five lakh people in the US every year have a kidney stone, for which painkillers are given for the treatment and waiting for the stone to pass through the urethra and this process It is very painful that it takes about ten days, researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology used such a mixture of two drugs. This is what makes the ureter loose. This tube connects the kidney to the bladder. The widening of the ureter gives more space for the stones to come out. This drug has been tested on animals in the last 40 years. No treatment has been developed for this, so this drug can prove to be a boon for kidney patients.
Major researchers have said that we hope that this drug can completely cure the kidney stone disease that millions of people worldwide suffer from.
How stone is formed – Kidney stones are hard, which accumulate in the kidney, this stone becomes when there is not enough water in the urine and surgery is recommended for large stones, but such cases are very rare. Most patients are given painkillers and then wait for ten days.

Symptoms –

 Sometimes if the stones are not known about its symptoms, due to which the problem becomes serious, some of its symptoms are as follows.
(1) Sudden unbearable pain in stomach.
(2) Bleeding when urinating.
(3) A condition like vomiting or nausea.
(4) Burning sensation when urinating.
(5) Stopping urine.
(4) Continuous constipation and diarrhea.
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