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Benefits Of Bhramari Pranayama

Hello friends, today we are going to talk again about a pranayama method called Bhramari pranayama which has many physical benefits of doing it regularly, but knowing about it properly before performing any action, assess its benefits and disadvantages. It is more appropriate to do it, as long as we do not have the right information, how can we do it properly and if we do not do it properly then we will not get the benefit of it, rather we may have to suffer loss so any physical To avoid loss, we should know about Bhramari Pranayama completely.

What is bhramari pranayama

So let’s know what Bhramari Pranayama is and why it was named Bhramari Pranayama, the name of Bhramari Pranayama was found on the bee of a large size bee found in India because when it flies, a special kind of sound comes out and while doing this pranayama The exact same type of sound is felt on the basis of which it is named Bhramari Pranayama. After doing this, the person’s mind becomes instantly calm and by practicing this pranayama the mind of any person becomes free from anger, anxiety and despair. And this process can be done at any time, but it is especially beneficial to do it in the morning and in a secluded environment. And this pranayama relaxes and activates the nerves of the brain so that they work properly and the sound produced gives peace to the mind.

How to do bhramari pranayama

First choose a clean place and then sit in Padmasana or Sukhasana and normalize your breath by tolerating the mind, now spread it parallel to both your shoulders next to your two hands, then bend your elbows and keep your hands in your ears. Take it near and then close both eyes, then close both your ears with both the thumbs of your hands and keep your waist neck very straight during this exercise. Now put the first finger of both your hands in the eyes. Put a little above the eyebrows and do not press your hands too much nor leave them loose at all and make a slight pressure on the nose with the three fingers around your nose. Now after applying both hands properly Try to focus your attention between the two eyes, but not too much with ease and keep your face closed and breathe in through the nose at normal speed and then through the nose like a bee. Exhale the breath. During this practice the mouth has to be kept closed and the breathing time should be 4 to 4 seconds and the time of exiting should be 15 to 20 seconds and practicing it on an empty stomach in the morning gives more benefit but whenever If you do, make sure that you do not eat anything before two hours.


There are many benefits of Bhramari Pranayama, but here I am going to mention some of the main benefits: By doing Bhramari Pranayama, one gets relief from insomnia, anger and anxiety, it removes head pain and sleep well and its regular practice will develop wisdom. And memory increases and our daily practice increases our concentration and we develop confidence and control the increased blood pressure due to any mental stress and its practice helps to avoid the condition of blood coagulation in the brain. can go.
While doing this, the speed of thoughts starts to decrease so that we can avoid negative thoughts and live a stress free life and if you want to take advantage of it in thyroid problem then it should be practiced by embracing chin. Thoughts begin to change, due to regular practice, our thoughts start moving from negativity towards positive and become limited.
Pregnant women should do bhramari pranayama because its practice gives birth easily at the time of delivery, but pregnant women should practice this pranayama only after consulting the doctor.

Side effects of Bhramari pranayama

Although it does not have any serious side effects but in some cases some symptoms may be seen, but while doing this, we should take care of some things, while doing this, you should not press your ears, eyes or nose too hard and it should be done in the morning. Time should be taken on an empty stomach, which also increases the benefit of doing it. While doing bhramari pranayama, you have to cover both the ears and not put finger in the ear and if you already have any problem related to breath, then practice it only after consulting the doctor if any type in your ear If you have an infection or ear pain, do not practice it and your practice should be increased gradually.


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