what is ujjayi pranayama

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about a pranayama again, here we are going to talk about its benefits which we are going to get from its regular practice, although there are many types of pranayama but we are going to talk here It is the first thing we need to know about Ujjayi Pranayama, so let’s know what is Ujjayi Pranayam, it is known as the victory of breath and it is used a lot in our yoga and this pranayama bond It is liberating and its regular practice slows down the aging process. You can stay young and energetic for a long time and this benefit is one of the countless benefits of doing this. While doing this pranayama, breath is taken slowly from both the nostrils and during exhalation, the breath is released slowly from the other nostril by closing one nostril and the thoracic part of the neck is vibrated during breathing from both nostrils. This is done and this is the specialty of this pranayama and the benefits are many which you are going to know here.

How to do ujjayi pranayama

I am going to answer to you how to do Ujjaya Pranayama, how to do it so that we can get the full benefit of it, then first of all you choose an open and quiet place, after that sit in Padmashan or Sukhasana and close your mouth and both the drugs. Breathe in slowly and take until the breath fills the lungs and during breathing, the neck thyroid part should be vibrated to try to make a sound, then after that hold the breath for a while. Then press one slab and release the breath slowly from the other slab, in the same way you have to leave the breath alternately from both the slab and you have to do this action 10 to 15 times from both slips. And the best time to do it is in the morning.

Benefits of ujjayi pranayama

Now let’s talk about the benefits of doing Ujjai Pranayama regularly, if we can get it, then there are many benefits but here I will mention the major benefits of doing Ujjai Pranayama. Increases the concentration of breath and due to the correct circulation of blood, our heart becomes strong and starts functioning well, is beneficial for patients suffering from heart and respiratory diseases, reduces physical and mental stress. And keeps the mind calm by eliminating all kinds of despair, due to its regular practice, the toxins of the body are flushed out, the breathing process gets better and the hormone balance improves, it is better in the thyroid. Along with practicing it regularly, it can come out of this problem soon and obesity also comes to the body occasionally due to thyroid problem, in that also this pranayama is beneficial, controls cholesterol and makes the body healthy and healthy. Remains young for a long time, the glow of the face increases The aging process becomes slow, and doing this makes it easier to concentrate and strengthen the mind.

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