How to boost immune system

Hello friends today, we will talk about the immune system first, what will it do and how does it work and what can be the problem due to its weakness and what diseases can the body face and when it becomes strong we will Which immunity can be avoided Immun system gives the body the ability to fight against any type of disease causing virus etc. and gives our body the power to fight against diseases, now it comes to how to strengthen it today Through this article, we are going to tell you how you can increase your immune system by making changes in your food and living habits, which will help your body to fight against diseases and keep your body healthy.

which food Boost immune system

We can strengthen our immune system by changing our food habits, so we should know very well what we have to eat and what is not good and healthy food can lead to our healthy body and can give us long life and That is why wrong eating can take us to the mouth of death, so food should be chosen with care because our body is formed by food and thoughts from mind and mind in the body, let us see which foods are in our immune system. Can increase and help keep us strong.


Turmeric is a good immunity booster and has been used in Indian food since ancient times, but today we have consumed it and forgotten its importance, it contains curcumin, which has anti-inflammatory properties and many research. It has been revealed that this element strengthens your immune stem and prevents heart problem from the flu.In addition, it is helpful in working out throat infection and inflammation, as well as strengthens the digestive system and the body like curcumin The chance of getting any kind of infection or problem in healthy people is negligible.


Garlic is very helpful in increasing immunity and it is such an herb that is very strong in taste and aroma and it is used in Indian food and garlic can be very effective in common throat infections and colds and respiratory diseases. Because it has many anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, according to a research, the problem of garlic can remove the problem of cold and cold and throat infection because it has found some properties that can help to overcome these problems. It is very effective but it should be used with caution as it can increase the heat in your body.

Omega3 fatty acid

Omega three fatty acids can be found in many immunity enhancing foods, which can help any type of inflammation in the body to work and protect the outer covering of our cells and strengthen the immune system. Keeps and is normally able to overcome colds or any other problems that arise due to a weak immune system. Flax seeds contain a plethora of omega three which can easily be incorporated into any food item. And we can use it to boost our immune system and keep our body healthy.

Green Tea

Green tea can be used to strengthen the immune system of the body. Green tea is rich in antioxidant properties, so it is used for weight control to increase the body’s immunity, it contains polyphenol, which helps the body to protect against disease. Strengthens to fight and helps our digestive system to run smoothly and keeps our brain active, so we should consume it regularly and take advantage of the benefits so that it is safe from any disease To live.

Exercise for boost immune system

Now, let’s talk about some exercises that can help to keep our immune system strong because exercise is very important in keeping our body healthy. Exercise helps in fighting heart, blood pressure, body weight control and other diseases. And is very effective in enhancing your resistance, just like food and fruits are essential to our body, in the same way, our body also needs exercise because it increases blood circulation in the body and through sweat. Toxins go out, now it comes to know which exercises to do, they can determine their age depending on their age, but I am going to tell you something which everyone can do and should take a walk in the morning or you cycle. You can also run, or you can include a sport in your life, but the sport is such that you have to do physical exertion such as playing football or tennis, jumping rope, you can also practice dance through this body also. Can be kept healthy and include yoga and pranayama in your life This will give you very healthy benefits and positive changes in life.


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