How to boost sex power by yoga

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about the issue that people generally shy away from talking about which is wrong as there are other parts of our body which have different functions, in the same way our physical needs i.e. sex An organ has been given for fulfillment, which is an integral part of our body, if it stays healthy then our sex life goes well, but if there is some problem in it, then other areas along with our sex life are affected and mental stress This is the reason why today we are going to tell you something easy that you can practice regularly by removing the problem related to your sex in a natural way, along with the practice of these easy yoga will increase your sex power and you You can spend better time with your partner, so in case of any such problem, there is no need to be very nervous, by changing your diet and practicing yoga asanas, then the strength of your organs can be increased. So just to practice it regularly because more people in us want instant results We start using the wrong medicine, which can give us big harm instead.


The first thing we will talk about is Padmasana because it is a good asana to remove easy sex problem and increase sex power. By doing this asana, stretching of muscles, stomach, bladder, and knees creates strength and strengthen the body. Due to the increase in blood circulation in the body, the stimulation of circulation increases and the timing also increases with its constant practice, so we must practice it and to do this, first sit in the Sukhasana and then keep the neck and spine straight and Keep the paws of your feet on your thighs, you may have some trouble in the beginning, it will be completely normal later.


Halasana is known as an asana that boosts sex power and is practiced to remove all the problems associated with sex and enhance your sex stamina, and the job is that you start practicing it regularly. During the day, you start seeing changes and all kinds of problems related to your sex begin to get rid of this and the practice of this easy is beneficial for both men and women and makes both sexual glands active and strong and increases your sex power. Therefore, by practicing it regularly you can get rid of any such problem if you are facing this kind of problem.


Sarvangasana This asana increases your sex power as well as removes many problems of your body and by doing this, it also strengthens your shoulders and neck and removes problems related to impotence and other sexual problems. By enhancing the sex power, by doing this asana, the circulation of blood in the body parts increases and the nerves of the body are able to perform their work smoothly, so if you are facing such a problem related to sex, then you Not only can you overcome your problems by taking the help of yoga, you can improve your relation by increasing your sex power.


Dhanurasana has tremendous advantages in practicing this asana, because while doing this asana, there is pressure on all the parts of the body, which increases the circulation of blood to those organs and the drugs become active if you are early discharged during sex. So, practicing this asana is going to give you tremendous benefit because regular practice of this problem completely removes this problem and increases your sex timing and this asana also increases your desire to have sex and practice this yoga asana Both men and women can and can benefit from it.


Its practice keeps your mind calm and focused while having sex, its regular practice helps to get rid of any negative thoughts that arise during sex and increases concentration so that we can have sex for a long time and make our partner happy You can give movement and regular practice of this asana removes the problem of early discharge and increases the timing of having sex, so you can overcome any such problem by practicing this asana if you are struggling with this kind of problem. If you are, then start doing this asana.

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