Hair Loss causes in male

Hello friends today, we will talk about the physical disease that most people are worried about, whether it is common in men or women, but we are talking about hair loss which has become a serious problem these days and hair fall There are many reasons and we will talk about the same reasons here because the problem of hair fall has become serious due to which it is often seen that the confidence of people goes down and the man starts looking older than his age, hence its reasons If this problem can be controlled to know, then we will understand the different reasons for this through this article.

Genetic cause

Genetic causes are also among the main reasons for hair fall in men. Hair fall is common with aging, but this problem becomes serious when the head hair starts falling fast before the age of 30, then the main reason can be genetic. is. Sayed, people in your family have been falling hair at this age and people have become a victim of baldness and according to doctors, due to genetic reasons, hair falls in a certain pattern and the way of hair fall in such people is his grandfather’s great grandfather. Resembles but this process can be down.


Stress is also a big reason, the kind of atmosphere of untimely hair fall, the man is involved in running and is busy in various activities, due to which man becomes stressed and stress can cause you partial loss. Also, it causes many kinds of physical harm, so stress can be a major cause of hair loss if you do not have any genetic problems because when you are stressed by anything, it has a direct effect on our hair. And their roots get affected and our hair starts breaking fast as a result.

Habit of washing hair

These days our hair gets dirty due to contamination and we wash with a daily soap or a chemical shampoo to keep them clean, due to which our hair roots become weak and as a result our hair starts falling out. Since the use of highly chemical shampoo causes great harm to the hair, try to use chemical shampoo sparingly and avoid daily shampooing of hair twice a week. Try to use shampoo more chemically. Should not contain shampoo.

Body iron deficiency

Even if your body is struggling with iron deficiency, you may have to face hair fall problem and you may be suffering from baldness, so try to make sure that your diet contains iron-rich food that helps your hair iron To meet the needs, if your hair is falling due to iron deficiency, then you can stop hair fall by completing iron deficiency and try to use such food to overcome your iron deficiency. It is rich in iron and it is natural and there are many foods which are rich in iron.

Thyroid problem

If you are suffering from thyroid problem, then it can also be a big reason for your hair falling because it has often been seen that those who are suffering from thyroid problem have also seen hair fall problem because the drugs which are consumed It is done during the treatment of thyroid, they are very effective due to which the problem of hair fall is seen and to get rid of the problem of hair loss, take advice from your doctor, it will tell you its solution. Can not stop when thyroid problem is not over.


If you are suffering from indigestion problem then you will definitely have hair falling problem. Understand this in a simple way if you are eating any protein rich food to keep your body healthy but due to not digesting it properly you will If you are not able to give the right benefits, then if you are using healthy food to keep your hair strong but it will not benefit you due to not digesting properly, then firstly strengthen your digestive system so that whatever You and your hair should benefit from the food you use.

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