Benefits of vajrasan

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you about such a Yogasan which has many benefits and this is the only Yogasan that you can do even after eating food and it can be done anytime and anywhere. It is easy to do yoga as well, yes we are talking about Vajrasana as the name itself suggests that by doing this your body becomes strong and the specialty of Vajrasana is that you can do this asana at any time. How much you can do, as long as your practice gets old, you can do it for as long as possible and it has been described in our yogashastra that this is the only yoga practice that can keep your whole body fit if you do any posture If you cannot, do only Vajrasana as much as you can, but some people think that how can this simple asana be so beneficial. Sit down, you will see yourself. What are the benefits of doing this, how many problems will be overcome by your body only by practicing this yoga yoga.

How to do vajrasan

Now let’s talk about how to do this asana, it is very easy to do this asana, but to take full advantage of any yoga asana, it is very important to do it properly, first of all stand on the knees and then go backwards slowly. Slowly sit with the hips on the heels and keep the head straight and the two hands on the knee, but keep in mind that your spine should be straight, now close your eyes and focus your attention on your deep breath. Initially practice this asana for 5 to 10 minutes, then gradually increase it as much as you can.


There are many benefits of doing Vajrasana, but here I am going to mention some important benefits of this: Regular exercise of this Yogasana strengthens your digestive system. If you have indigestion problem then after eating food for five minutes in Vajrasana Sit down, your indigestion problem will go away and your food will be digested. If you are troubled by the problem of gas in the stomach, then sit in Vajrasana, the gas will be out in no time. And it removes the problem of constipation because by doing this food starts digesting properly, due to which there is no problem of constipation in the stomach. Vajrasana strengthens our spine and strengthens the back and regular practice of Vajrasana strengthens muscles and reduces obesity and makes the body supple and by doing this, the blood circulation of the body is corrected and our brain Plenty of blood is available, which works properly. If women practice it regularly then their pusha reduces pain and also reduces the pain during menstruation. And abdominal fat can also be reduced by regular practice of Vajrasana, in this way you can get rid of many physical problems by adopting only one Yogasana.

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