Keep special care of children or else the eyes will get worse

Due to this Kovid-19, children imprisoned in the home will survive the virus, but due to increasing their screen time due to online studies, their eyes can be fixed, which in medical language is known as a moderate spasm, which is a temporary problem of eye specialist. According to the problem of a moderate spasm occurs when a child keeps looking at the screen for a long time, due to which the lens of the child’s eye moves in this posture and they cannot change their focus due to which the child suddenly goes away. Can complain of not appearing.

The muscles of the eye swell

Now it comes as to why this happens, then the answer is, the child’s eyes remain on the screen for a long time, due to which the muscles of the eyes swell to the same size which is temporary discomfort but there is no need to panic this problem. Medication can also be cured but it is harmful for healthy eyes and the way to avoid it is to get away from the screen from time to time so it is important to take care that children take a break from the screen so that they can avoid any such problem. To be saved.

Be alert if the child wears glasses

According to doctors, the number of eyeglasses of children between 13 and 15 varies every six months, but due to epidemics and lock-downs, the eyes of the children have not been examined for a long time, so the parents must get the eyes of the young children examined. Changes in the number of eyeglasses may increase his eyesight, but seeing on the big screen, children are using the most smart phones for better online classes for children because everyone has access to it but the phone screen is smaller Due to the pressure on the eyes increases, the smaller the screen, the greater the pressure on the eyes. Therefore, if possible, try to do online classes on the laptop or computer, if you are doing with the phone, then give the eyes a break.

Seek medical advice immediately

If the child doing online class complains of sudden eye discomfort, do not ignore the child. If the child is feeling pain or dryness, then consult the doctor without delaying your responsibility by asking to wash your mouth because the eyes They are delicate and need to be taken special care of. If you feel dryness or tightness or irritation in the eyes, then on the advice of the doctor, you can use terra drops, which gives relief, apart from this, special attention should also be paid to eating green vegetables. , Mango, carrots, eggs are beneficial and some relief can be obtained by increasing the intake of vitamin A rich foods.

Keeping in mind some things will not harm

Parents should take care of some special things during the online class, such as the room where the children are playing TV, computer, or phone, there should be good light so that the brightness or the brightness of the monitor or screen is not put on the eyes if you are low If you see the screen on the light, then it affects the eyes more and there is a risk of damaging the retina, the child should give a laptop or tablet instead of a smart phone, many times the children are looking at the screen, forgetting to blink the eyelids. It brings water to the eyes, so while looking at the screen, advise the children to flick the eyelashes in between.

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