Need to be careful if you look blurred after delivery

Hello friends today, we will talk about the problems that occur during or after the pregnancy of women, in which there is a problem which appears blurred after pregnancy and today we will talk about it. The time of pregnancy is very difficult for women and during this period, women have to go through a lot of problems and changes in which a change is seen which is a change in eyesight, loss of eyesight in the second trimester of pregnancy. Changes in vision may begin, but these problems after the third quarter of pregnancy and delivery Problems can emerge more due to hormonal changes, eyes can also become dry. These changes occur mostly for a short period of time and are cured a few months after delivery, but sometimes they can also be prolonged. It is also important to know why the vision changes during pregnancy and after delivery.


A high blood pressure in pregnancy is called a preclampsia in which the blood pressure of a pregnant woman increases and her kidneys begin to function abnormally due to high blood pressure in pregnancy which makes the eyes sensitive to light, causing blurring of the eyes. In such a situation, during pregnancy, women should take care of their blood pressure and keep their blood pressure checked regularly so that any such problem can be avoided.

Gestational Diabetes

Blood sugar levels may fluctuate during pregnancy and after delivery. Such a change in blood sugar levels can severely impede the small blood vessels associated with the retina of the eye. Gestational diabetes in pregnancy It is said that which affects the eyes badly, due to which women can become blurred and their eyesight can be affected, so to face such a problem, it is necessary to know the reason.

Pituitary Adenoma

In some rare cases, after pregnancy, women complain of pituitary adenoma, in which the tumor starts developing in the body of the body, this hinders the normal function of the hormonal secretion in the body, which causes the eyes related problems after pregnancy. So, we need to know the reason behind blurring after pregnancy and identify and think about its treatment.

fluid Retention

Fluid retention of the eyes tubes of women begins to decrease after delivery, which also affects the shape of the cornea of the eyes, which can cause blurred eyesight. After delivery, you may have symptoms of vision problems even if the eyes are dizzy or dizzy due to dizzy or dizzy eyes, or feeling tired all the time.

What to do

Use eye drops on dry doctor’s advice for dry eyes. If the blurring of the eyes is not decreasing even after six to eight months, then get the eyes checked up. High blood pressure in pregnancy affects the retinal blood vessels. To avoid this condition, which can cause blurring of the eyes, keep your blood pressure checked during pregnancy, while gestational diabetes also affects the eyes, so keep your blood sugar under control through a balanced diet during pregnancy. That any problem can be avoided.


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