Overeating rice can affect the heart

Hello friends today, we will talk about the food that is eaten all over the world but it is consumed in India very much because it is a major part of food in India, I am talking about rice in different ways in the country. It is made in different food from North India to South India, it is a part of food every day, so Indians will be affected more by its negative effects, according to today’s lifestyle can prove to be harmful for the heart patients in the country. One reason behind the increasing number of K is also excessive consumption of rice as rice absorbs toxins and arsenic in high amounts.

Studies have revealed

Rice has been a major part of our diet for centuries and is also beneficial for health, but studies conducted in the daily life of the fastest growing sugar and heart patients in the country have revealed that the consumption of rice in high amounts and Due to not being more physically active and excessive consumption of rice is affecting their body because physical labor is not paid much attention, regular exercise is not done and along with excessive consumption of rice damages our heart. Because of this, we have to face diseases related to the heart.

Disadvantages of eating more rice

The question may be coming in your mind that our old generations have been eating rice for a long time but they have not suffered any loss and they have no illness, so why are they having problems now, the answer to which is that people used to do manual labor earlier but It has disappeared in today’s lifestyle, due to which diseases are increasing, people used to walk for miles due to less means of coming first, due to which the digestive system was strong and food was digested properly but now we are inactive. Have been found and arsenic is found in very high amounts in rice, there is an increased risk of heart disease.

Cardiovascular disease by eating rice

Researchers at Manchester and Sulford University, in their research, found that arsenic is found in the soil in the places where farmers cultivate rice, as well as flooding in those areas, due to which arsenic in the rice The quantity increases and this arsenic in combination with other toxins causes cardiovascular disease which makes our body sick and increases the risk of many other heart diseases.

Benefits of eating rice

Rice included in the daily diet supplies complex, carbohydrate and vitamin B in the body. Eating rice with starch is more beneficial and the rice is easily digested, so eating rice in the case of indigestion provides relief to the stomach. If there is a problem, rice is used with cow’s milk or with curd. If there is any problem related to urination, drinking soda and sugar in the washed rice can remove the problem of urination. Mixing rice with sahad is beneficial for eating and the problem goes away.


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