Asafoetida is effective in stomach problem

Hello friends today,we will talk about one thing which is used as a drug in every house in india,but it has some medicinal properties which are very beneficial in gas and stomach pain.yes i am talking Asafoetida,use of asafoetida is beneficial in stomach problems as well as it increases the taste of food when add to food and also helps to digest the food easily.and it is not available in india as much as its, it is consumed,so it is imported from other countries,but now it is being cultivated in india too. given its usefulness,let us know what other problems we can use in addition to stomach ache and gas related problems.

Benefits of asafoetida in abdominal disease

if you have any type of stomach related problem,you can use asafoetida in stomach problem like stomach pain,flatulence,gas in the stomach or there is any problem of food digestion,then you can use can and you will definitely benefit,apart from this.if you have a problem of worms in your stomach,you can use asafoetida,you will definitely get benefit,so keep asafoetida in the house so that you can get relief by using it in any stomach problem.

Useful in respiratory disorders

Asafoetida can be used in any respiratory problems,asafoetida has antibacterial properties which are beneficial in respiratory diseases.asafoetida has been used for a lon time in troubles like cough,asthama,and shyness.people have been benefited also,if you have any difficulty in breathing,then you can use asafoetida ,you will get relief. make a paste by grinding and apply this paste on the chest.if there is a problem of dry cough and asthama,use asafoetida with a mixture of ginger and honey will definitely be beneficial.

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