Eating curd regularly

hello friends let us talk about yogurt today it is very important to what are the benefits of eating it and how beneficial it is, although eating curd is very beneficial for everyone,but it is very important to know how beneficial it is to consume it regularly.but to get more benefit from it,mixing some important things can prove more beneficial.with which to use it to make it more profitable,you will know here,but before talking about its benefits, let me tell you that it should prove beneficial for everyone because it is cold and in some diseasees its use can also harm.

Use with suger and dry fruits

you can use it with suger and dry fruits for the overall benefits of eating curd,because consuming suger and dry fruits with yogurt eliminates body fatigue and weakness and by eating suger and dry fruits with curd.your weight also increases if your weight is less than normal and you want to increase your weight,then you must use them with curd.and if you want to control the increased weight means your weight is already increased.avoid using it.

use with fennel

use curd with fennel,it ends insomnia problem.if you use it regularly with curd,then the problem of sleeplessness is overcome,along with it,the problem of gas and burning in the stomach is also removed therefore,if you are facing any such problem,then definitely use it daily with curd.

Use with black salt and cumin

you can also use curd with black salt and cumin,because black salt and roasted cumin should be used in curd to strengthen the digestivesystem.if you have any any digestive problems,then using it will definitely remove it.apart from this,if you are struggling with the problem of not getting hungry,then use black salt and roasted cumin seeds in curd every day.

Use with banana

you can also use curd with banana,it also has tremendous benefits,eating it relieves any stomach related problems and our health is also good,if you have acidity problem then you definitely banana should be used along with is very effective to eat bananas with curd and your blood pressure is also controlled,so you must include curd with banana in your diet.

use with honey

you can use curd with honey as has many good benefits,which include if you give small children a teaspoon and lick their curds easily,if you have blisters in your mouth then definitely apply curd provides a lot of benefit,apart from consuming honey an curd,it also provides relief in mouth blisters, as well as consuming curd with honey helps in reducing body fat.if your body heat increases if added,you can also use curd lassi.this remedy is very effective in calming the body this way you can take advantage of using curd with honey.

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