cure of arthritis

Hello friends today, we will talk about the bones of our body and about a disease related to it, which is called arthritis, which is difficult to walk, but if it is not possible then we will talk about it. I will talk about getting rid of it, together I will also talk about why this is a problem. These days, the main reason for the problem of arthritis is the increased resources of rest and the restrictions in Kovid-19 have reduced the mobility of people, due to which there may be joint problems, which is the major reason for arthritis. People working from home may have joint pain problem in which our knees are the most affected and you lack physical activity, then this problem can go ahead and bring problems like arthritis in earlier times. The problem used to be after a lot of age, but due to changes in diet and changed lifestyle, this problem can occur at any age and there are many types of diseases but more people suffer from knee arthritis. .

Walking becomes difficult

If you have knee arthritis problem then it may be difficult for you to walk because mainly arthritis is a problem related to joints in which the pores of the finger, shoulder, hip, wrist etc. are swollen and stiff with stiff pain. Due to this, the hands and feet stop working and ignoring this problem will make it difficult to walk, so we need to be careful immediately in case of such problems.

Three p can help

The best way to treat arthritis is to follow the PEI technique which includes physiotherapy, prepositions, and postures. You have to take care of your posture while working or watching TV and if you already have arthritis problems. Make sure to get physiotherapy for which you can take the help of a physiotherapist for a few days and then learn it yourself at home, so that you can also avoid external infection and avoid getting rid of unnecessary stair climbing because arthritis causes joint problems and walking. If you are, then keep your balance.

Treatment of arthritis is possible

If you do not have timely treatment of arthritis, problems can increase and your knees can be fully clamped, but there is no need to panic. There are many methods that can overcome these knee problems, including plasma therapy with injection therapy. The operation can be corrected. It requires some caution such as avoiding the consumption of alcohol and not using fried foods and keeping your body weight in check and uric acid periodically checked and exercised regularly and any knee and joint pain Do not ignore the type of problem.


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