How to keep the bones of the body strong

Hello friends, let’s talk today about the bones of our body, how important they are to be healthy and strong, if they become weak for our body then we have to face many kinds of physical problems as well as bone. The rate of breakdown remains, so we need to take care of our bones, but it comes to know what to do to keep bones strong and healthy, so here I will talk about some diet and exercise which makes bones strong and Keeping healthy can prove beneficial. Our unbalanced eating and defective lifestyle is responsible for osteoporosis to a great extent and it is possible to avoid this problem if our food is full of calcium and vitamin D in proper quantity as well as exercised regularly.

Causes of Osteoporosis Problem

There are many reasons for osteoporosis i.e. bones related problem, but I will talk about some of the major reasons here. Due to the rescue from Kovid-19, people reduced their exit from home and started working from home due to which the body I have become inactive, as well as not exercising regularly and sitting at the same place for a long time, sitting in the same posture on the computer and working continuously, due to the reasons, there is increasing problem of bones and muscles and any bones related to bones. The problem is also known as Osteoporosis. The main reason for this is irregular lifestyle and lack of vitamin D and calcium in bones, due to which there is an increase in the density of bones and the risk of early bone loss and breakdown.

How to recognize osteoporosis

Now the question comes that how to identify if you really have a problem of osteoporosis or some other problem then there are some of the major symptoms that you may see such as difficulty standing for long, aching back and working. Feeling uncomfortable, irritable and uninterested in working, anorexia, etc. If you see symptoms for a long time then you need to get tested and change your diet after consulting a doctor because all these Symptoms are of osteoporosis

What to eat and what not

If you have a problem of osteoporosis or have any type of problem in bones, then you should consume eggs and milk regularly along with kiwi, pineapple, papaya, and green leafy vegetables along with flaxseed which is also consumed regularly. It is very beneficial for bones, all these ingredients will also provide calcium along with protein and for vitamin D you can sit in the sun in the morning for 15 minutes because the main source of vitamin D is the sun rays. Now it is the turn, if you do not eat, then consume salt in limited quantity. Stay away from alcohol and do not take coffee and vitamin A in high amounts. Keeping these things in mind, you can keep bones healthy.

Benefits of exercise in osteoporosis

Exercise is very important in osteoporosis. Weight-related exercise is very beneficial, jogging, walking, and climbing stairs are very helpful in increasing our bone density, resistance training programs also benefit the youth, increase body balance and flexibility. Exercise required for strength as well as strength training exercises are very beneficial in increasing the strength of joints and muscles. Periodically giving vitamin and calcium check, and before starting any type of exercise, please consult the therapist.


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