Why our liver starts deteriorating

Hello friends, today I am going to talk about an important part of the body that has an important role in keeping our body healthy. We are talking about our liver which plays an essential role in digesting food and keeping the body fit. If you want to keep the body fit, then it is important to keep the liver fit and what we eat to keep the liver fit depends on what we eat will have a direct effect on our liver, so to keep the liver healthy You have to pay attention to your diet because if the liver is bad then it is due to our wrong diet. Apart from this, many kinds of infections can cause fatal damage to this important part of the body, though every part of our body is important but some parts are more important and one of them is something with little care and wrong eating. Due to the use of medicines, it becomes an infection and there is a risk of death if not treated at the right time and liver patients are more vulnerable than AIDS patients in case of weakening of immunity, so to ignore such a problem. Can be fatal

Causes and symptoms of liver failure

We will talk about some of the causes and symptoms of liver damage, what are the symptoms that we see when the liver is bad and what can cause the liver Frequent use of flu or viral drugs without the advice of a doctor can also cause liver damage and it has often been seen that patients taking liver disease medication have fainting, vertigo, blood vomiting. Symptoms such as anorexia, fever and anorexia with food are visible.If such symptoms are seen then consult a doctor and these symptoms can also be an indication that the liver is weakened due to poor immunity. The reason is infection of another virus also. Apart from this, some other symptoms may also appear such as yellowing of the body, mild persistent fever, going for some post-motion, vomiting or feeling like vomiting, weight gain and the ability to recognize taste. You may see some symptoms like this when liver is bad, so be careful when you see such symptoms.

How to stay safe from liver disease

There are many liver diseases, which include liver inflammation, fatty liver, jaundice etc. But they can be cured by timely treatment and alteration in diet on the advice of a doctor but due to negligence, even serious illness like hepatitis In addition to this, liver cirrhosis may also be faced with the problem, it is not known why people are confused that liver cirrhosis is caused by excessive consumption of alcohol, but this is not the only reason for blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease. And due to obesity and depression, it can also cause infection. In such a situation, check the liver on every six months, reduce the intake of fast food and greasy food, avoid the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, smoking, control diabetes, eat green tea, eat homemade homemade food. Do exercise, exercise and yoga, check liver for any serious disease infection or take long treatment.


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