Anulom vilom pranayama (breathing technique)

Hello guys today we are going to discuss about benefits of pranayama specially about anulom & vilom pranayama. here we will try to know about multiple health benefits of doing anulom vilom pranayama, by the way we all know benefits of performing yoga and pranayama in our daily life. there are multiple benefits of doing anulom vilom pranayama but here i will try to mention some important health benefits of doing anulom vilom. this pranayama devlop your health and spirituality too, so without wasting time let us know all health benefits of doing anulom vilom pranayama through this article.

How to do

Now time to know how to do anulom vilom pranayama, this pranayama is so easy to do first you have to sit in padmasana oe sukhasana or any comfortable position and feel relaxed totally. now time to close your eyes easily and keep your hand on knee, now close your right nose from right hand thumb and take deep breath from your left nose and hold for some second or as you can then release your breath from right nose. now same things repeat from right nose, now the question is how long is to do, so answer is you can start 10 to 15 repeation but after sometimes you can increase as per your capacity.

Benefits of doing anulom vilom pranayama

Now turn to talk about benefits of performing anulom vilom pranayama so there are multiple benefits of doing anulom vilom pranayama. but here i am going to mention some important. this pranayama can cure your diabetes problem and blood pressure too, effective in nervous system problem and beneficial in problem of stomach enlargement and acidity. it increase positivity and reduce depression, migranne,anexity,anger,over thinking,insomania and high blood pressure. anulom vilom pranayama can increase concentration,decision making skill and creativity. it increase blood circulation in your body and help to negetive thinking into positive thoughts. and help to fight against any stomach disorder. so it is very useful for our health do it regularly and take benefits of anulom vilom pranayama.

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