Use of Giloy in health issues

hello friends today we will talk about a plant which is very beneficial for our health. i am talkig about Giloy, who has been called the nectar of the earth in Ayurveda,we can use this plant for the leaf to the stem.there are many, but i will try here to mention its major benefits. the juice of giloy leaf and stem is bitter in taste but it removes the problem associated with all three of Vata,bile, and phlegh and according to Ayurveda all the diseases that occur in our body are related to these three, you can guess how beneficial these plants can prove to be for our let us know about some of the major benefits of its use.

Useful in diabetes

You can use Giloy in diabetes if you have diabetes, use giloy juice after adding it gently, you will benefit or you can also use giloy to grind the stem of giloy and heat its juice then regularly consume it,you will get benefit.

useful in immunity boosting

You can also use giloy to increase your immunity. if your immunity is weak then you are always at risk of many diseases, if your immune system is strong then many diseases are saved because our body is is very effective in fighting against the anti oxidant free radicals found in combating diseases . it keeps your cells healthy and gets ride of diseases.giloy improves the blood of body by removing the bad elements from the body.fights bacteria and reduces the chance of diseases. you can use Giloy in any form use its leaves or stem.

Useful in Bronchial

Use of giloy can prove to be very beneficial if you have any breathing problem,as it helps to fight infections and germs. it is also helpful in reducing cough and tonsils, besides you have bronchial problems. due to which there is diffculty in breathing, if you feel tightness in the chest, then you can use the root of giloy. you can chew it or you can consume its root,then you are struggling with this problem. so you must use giloy.

Digestive problem

If you have any digestive problems then giloy can prove to be beneficial for you.if you have digestive problems you should use Amla powder along with giloy powder. if you hav any constipation related problem use giloy with will benefit and the problem of constipation will end. apart from this,you can use giloy juice which also removes your digestive problems.

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