Shirsasan (Headstand)

Hello friends, today we wil talk about such an easy one,which has many benefits of doing yoga. by the way we all know the benefits of doing yoga,but some easy ones are very special,this is the posture of which i am talking today.the posture i am talking about is what are the benefits of doing this and how is it done through this let us know what are its benefits and how to do it.

How to do

Now the question comes that how to do the headstand because if not done properly, there can be loss instead of profit, so it is very important to do it in the right way, to do this, first sit in vajrasana and then interlock the fingers of your hands after that, keep the head on the floor,move the body forward, keep your head between your palms then keep your legs straight and slowly lift up, but keep in mind that your spine is straight. during this process,do not be hasty, while lifting the legs, let the pressure of your body come on the elbow and head of your hands and try to balance. slowly keep your feet straight.


Talking about benefits of headstand, it is benefits are many, but i will talk about some og its major benefits here. head headstand makes your brain cells healthy and increases blood circulation in them,due to which the brain functions. it increases the concentration and increases your concentration due to which you are able to do some work properly. people who are stressed should do this posture.this posture relieves stress, if you have depression then with medicine you should definitely do postures, you will get a lot of benefits and your dipression problem will reduce gradually if you have migraine problem, then this posture can give you relief from this problem,if you do this posture regularly

Effective in hair problem

the benefits of doing headstand is very tremendous in the case of hair, if your hair is falling fast then it may be the reason that there is a lack of blood circulation in your scalp and nutrients are not supplied to the hair. the blood circulation in your head and hair roots increases and the hair is supplied with essential nutrients due to which the hair fall stops.

how long to do headstand posture

now talk about how long we can go to do the headstand,then the answer is that when you start to do it can be done one minute because it is very important to remain your body is not necessary that the constant practice does not get in,but i believe like it is done with the continuous practice you feel can do this posture for five minute.

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