Hello friends today we will talk about what are the benefits of velvet bean (conch seeds) there are many benefits of using it in ayurveda,but through this article you will know about its major benefits in which diseases it can be used.if posible let us know about it, so that it can be used to get health benefits.

useful in weight gain

You can use velvet bean to increase weight, if you are thin,your weight is less than normal then you can use it. it is helpful in increasing your weight in the same way that excess weight is not good for health. being less than normal weight can also be fatal for our body.to increase weight,take two teaspoons of velvet bean and mix it with milk and cook it until it becomes thick,after thickening add one teaspoon of ghee to it. cook till it turns brown then cool it and then you use it regularly for a few days. your weight will also increase along with the diffrence in your physical strength, so let us use it to increase your weight.

Increases sexual stamina

Friends if you are battling weakness with sex just because of our life style,it is common to be weakness in sex.such as our food is so all our body is,if you are not using the health food then your body will be weak. if you are confident of any such a meter ,then you can use beneficial for you.you have to take 2 or 3 grams of velvet bean powder for it and it is to be mixed in the milk and use this regularly for some days. you will get a good result.


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