Hello guys today we will talk about a very common but serious problems, yes i am talking about acidity problem. many peoples are facing such a problem just because of their diet and lifestyle. acidity is not a big disease but it can be a region of big disease, so we need to be careful about acidity. now the question is if you are facing such a problem then how will cure from acidity, here we will talk about this through this article. so without wasting any time let us know some solution to cure from acidity.

Symptoms of acidity

Before talking about cure of acidity first we need to know about symptoms of acidity, what are the common symptoms of acidity, if i talk about symptoms of acidity so there are many symptoms of acidity but most common symptoms is irritation in stomach and chest. frequently hiccups and belching, decreasing your weight without any region and prolonged sore throat so they are some common symptoms of acidity.

Change your diet and lifestyle

If you want to relief from acidity easily then you must have to change your diet and lifestyle because acidity is a effect of acidic food. so we can say acidity problems are depending on your food habit. so we need to change our diet do not use more spicy and oily food and avoid tea and coffee if possible,but you can have green tea and use green vegetables and fresh food more and more like banana,apple,coconut. you can use too carrots,cucumber,watermelon to counter acidity. now time to change your daily lifestyle get up early in the morning and do some exercise like Yoga,jogging,slow running,and some Pranayama, but you have to must physically active.

What to not eat in acidity

Let us know what to not eat in acidity p[roblems because it is very important to know what have to eat and what not so here i am going to tell you about this, first you have to avoid dry fruits,coffee and tea, oily and spicy food, hard work and stay away from alcohal and smoking, avoid to eat sour fruits, because these fruits will increase your acidity problem instead of control.

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