Intestinal worms

hello guys wellcome to my blog today we will talk about a problem which is very common in children and old age but youngsters can be affected too from this problem. now you will be think of which problem is i am talking about. so do not worry i am going to tell you about this, the problem is intestinal worms it looks like smaller but can be dangerous for our health in long term. so how can overcome from this problem naturally, here i will tell you through this article because this problem will make you hollow slowly. so do not try to ignore such a big problem so let us talk about natural solution of intestinal worms and some common symptoms of intestinal worms.

Symptoms & types of intestinal worms

there are many types of intestinal worms but here we will talk about which is very common, basically there are seven types which i am going to mention below. Flatworms,Tapeworms,flukes,Roundworms,Ascariasis,Pinworms,Hukworms infections. these are common intestinal worms now turn to talk about symptoms of intestinal worms, if you feel these these types of any symptoms like pain in stomach,looosing your weight, loosing your hungerm vomiting,decreasin energy level.

Use apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vineger is very effective in intestinal worms, take a two spoon apple cider vineger and one and half glass of water and mix half spoon honey and mix it properly before use it. but condition is water should be warm, use this mixture two time in day morning and evening for some days for getting a magical benefit. apple cider vineger gives you importan nutrient too.

use castor oil

You can also use castor oil to combat intestinal worms, to use castor oil you need a cup of warm water and mix one and half spoon castor oil and mix it properly then drink it for some days, you will get definitely benefit.


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