Piles problem

Hello guys welcome back to my blog today we are going to talk about very common disease of our body. i am talking about piles which is very common now a days just because of our lifestyle and bad food habit. piles is not a big disease but it can be a big issue, if you ignore this problem. our bad food habit is a common resion of piles like oily and spicy food eating more and more and not drinking water properly. so today we will talk about how to overcome from this problem naturally without any surgery just changing your lifestyle and food. so without wasting of any time let us know little bit about symptoms of piles.

Symptoms of piles

So here we will talk about symptoms of piles, besically there are two types of piles first is internal homoride and external homoride. if you feel pain during toilet and also bleeding during toilet, it means you are suffering from piles. if you have constipation problem definitely it is signe of piles. if you see these symptoms then you need to be aware and change your diet and lifestyle.

Use radish juice in piles

Radish juice is very effective in piles problem, if you have a piles problem you should try radish juice definitely because it is highly effective in this problem. you have to take half glass of radish juice and mix salt and drink it two times in a day. you can also apply radish pest with honey on effective area. use this for some days definitely you will get positive results.

Papaya is very useful in piles

So here i am going to tell you next home remedies is papaya, it will help you to reduce your piles problem without any side effects. papaya has a vitamin and mineral and it has a also powerful digestive evzymes. papaya is very effective to reduce constipation and bloody piles. you should use papaya in your daily diet and you will get positive result in some days.


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