Bee breathing technique (Bhramari pranayama)

hello guys welcome back to my blog today we are going to talk about a pranayama which called Bhramari pranayama, and we all know that how beneficial pranayama to our health. so here we will try to know some important health benefits of performing bhramari pranayama by the way there are multiple benefits of doing bhramari pranayama but we will talk some mportant one. now let us talk about name of this pranayama, in the sanaskrit language honey bee is called bhramari and based on this name, this pranayama is named bhramari pranayama. because during bhramari pranayama we make a sound like humming noise which gives our mind and brain a lot of peace and relieves tension.


According to yoga shastra the udaan air present in our body which is directly related to the activities of the brain, if for some reason becomes uncontrolled, then we have to face different types of mental diseases. according to yog guru baba Ramdev, if a person practice bhramari regularly, then his brain remains active for a long time and such a person also stays away from all kind of mental diseases. if you practice bhramari pranayama properly, you will see the following benefits in a few days.

(1) By practicing bhramari pranayama you immediately get ride of anger,frustration, and nervousness. for those who are facing extreme stress or depression, bhramari pranayama is very useful in this situation.

(2) Relieves you of nervousness and useless anxiety, situates your mind in the present and relieves the worries of the past and future. boost confidence and makes your personality attractive, relieves migraine and simple headaches and help to increase focus and concentration and memory too.

(3) calms your mind and prepares you for meditation, controls blood presure and also frees from any types of fobia. and removes problems like insomania. and strengthens the neural system and removes all diseases related to it.

(4) Bhramari pranayama not only makes your brain very strong but it is also very effective for physical activities like breathing digestion etc, done by the subconscious mind. a person practicing it regularly gets a lot of relief from problems like constipation indigestion. inthis way bhramari is very miraculous pranayama, but to get the maximum benefit from it, it is very important that we practice it regularly.

How to do bhramari pranayama

Bhramari pranayama step by step, to practice bhramari pranayama correctly you should follow the steps given below in a systematic way. first of all choose a clean and peaceful place where sunlight and fresh air reaches and there are trees around, lay the asana like mat on the earth and sit on it with padmasana sukhasana, or vajrasana, concentrate on breathing alm the mind and bring the mind into the present, now slowly deep and long breath fill your lungs through the nose and slowly exhale slowly while making a buzzing ound like a closed bee buzzing. after completely exhaling take a pouse as soon as possible and re inhale and repeat this process. in this way by practicing according to your ability in the initial days gradually increase the duration of pranayama.

When to do bhramari pranayama

According to the yoga shastras the best time to do pranayama or any yogic activity is in the morning because at dawn the atmosphere is clean calm and sattvic so that we can get maximum of yoga, pranayama, or meditation to gain physical mental and spritual benefits. still if it is not possible to get up at dawn, then you can practice in the morning as soon as possible or you can practice bhramari pranayama even in the evning but keeps in mind that you do not eat or drink anything before and after 2 hours of practice.

Precautions of bhramari pranayama

By the way bhramari pranayama is very simple and easy to lern yoga that person of any age an do at any stage. however if you are facing th following problems, then practice bhramari only after consulting a doctor, if you are a pregnant woman or you are going through menstruation, or you are already suffrinh from a serious illness. have you had an operation recently

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