Peacock posture (mayurasana)

Hello guys welcome back to my blog today we will talk about a yoga posture which called mayurasana (peacock posture) so here we will try to know some important benefits of performing mayurasana because it is very beneficial for our health and body flexibility. so without wasting a time let us know benefits of mayurasana.

What is mayurasana ( peacock posture)

The word mayurasana is derived from the sanaskrit language. this posture is made up of two words mayur and asana, mayur means peacock and asana means posture. this is a very amazing and ancient yoga which has been going on since ancient times. there are many benefits of doing this asana this asana helps in correcting the problem related to the stomach or the problem related to the muscles. in this article we will learn about the benefits related to mayurasana its method and some precautions related to it.

Benefits of mayurasana (peacock posture)

regular practice of mayurasana offers many benefits, but in this article we will learn about some of important benefits.

(1) toxic material comes out from the body, mayurasana is an asana whose regular pratice removes toxins hidden in the body and helps to keep the blood clean.

(2) Stomach problems cured, if there is gas in the stomach or prblems like constipation in the stomach and if the food is not digested properly, then all of these related to the stomach can be cured by regular practice of mayurasana.

(3) Arms become strong, in the practice of mayurasana all the weight of the body comes on the hands, due to which the arms become stronger.

(4) The face glow, by regular practice of this asana, the blood flow in the body is good due to which the face glow increases.

(5) benefits to kidneys, stomach and pancreas, daily practice of this asana helps to cure stomach related problems and benefits the kidneys,stomach and pancreas a lot.

(6) Beneficial of diabetes, if a person suffring from diabetes practice this asana regularly it helps to cure diabetes.

(7) Beneficial for lungs, this asana is best for the lungs, regular practice of this asana helps in solving the problem related to the lungs.

(8) Beneficial for stress and depression, if the practice of this asana is regularized then one can get rid of disease like stress and depression.

How to do peacock posture (mayurasana)

To doing mayurasana place the mat in this place and sit in the position of vajrasana then put both your hands on the ground in which the fingers of the hands should be in the direction of the feet. keep your feet away from your hands by keeping your feet together, keep both elbows close to your navel, then keeping the neck straight the lighter is bend forward. then keep your right foot down move the left leg in the air, then raise the right leg in the air while focusing all the weight of the body on your hands and elbows. this stage is called mayurasana try this asana for 3 to 5 minutes at a time then return to normal.

Some precautions of mayurasana ( peacock posture)

Do not practice if there is any serious problemlike stomach ulcer or bloating, do not practice if you have an injury to your hand, if women are in pregnancy do not practice it at all. if reed bone is hurt avoid its practice, practice this asana only on the advice of a doctor or yoga expert.

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