Sun solution (surya namaskar)

Hello guys welcome back to my blog today we will talk about a yogasana which is very beneficial for our health. by thge way we all know how beneficial yoga for our health and fitness. but here we will try to know benefits of doing surya namaskar because this single yoga posture can make a healthy whole your body organ. so if you have a not enough time to doing exercise, so do not worry about your health just practice surya namaskar to 15 minutes in the morning daily. you will get all benefits of doing exercise. so without wasting any time let us know all benefits of doing surya namaskar.

How to do surya namaskar

So first here we will try to know how to perform surya namaskar, there are nine steps of surya namaskar, so here we will know all steps of surya namaskar. so first stand in mountain pose and take a deep breath now come to upward tree pose but your back should be straight and hand to be closed and focusd on your finger. now time to take a next step standing on forward bend and release your breath, take a forward half bend. now time to come on four limbed staff pose and back should be straight and keep your focus on your nose,next is upward facing doge pose and next one is downward facing dog and stay for some second in this stand forward half bend after this pose come to forward bend.


There are multiple benefits of doing surya namaskar but here going to know some important one, surya namaskar increases blood circulation in your whole body,it makes your body flexible,and it reduces weight if you are overweight. beneficial in toning your nervous system, surya namaskar improves your digestive system and make your body organ stronger. it increases concentration power of your mind and keep calm your mind. so do surya namaskar daily and get benefits of all above and many more.

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