Bhastrika pranayama

Hello guys today we are going to talk about a pranayama which called Bhastrika pranayama so here we will try to know something about bhastrika pranayama then we will talk about some important benefits of doing bhastrika pranayama. the word bhastrika means blower used by the blacksmith, which the blacksmith uses to intensify the iron burning fire. because even during bhastrika pranayama we have to inhale at the same speed as a blower and leave it out at the same speed, that the fire present in the body intensifies and removes various types of problems present in the body. due to the similarity of the process of bhastrika, it is named bhastrika pranayama. inthe yoga book Gherand Samhita bhastrika pranayama is described as something like this, you take air from both nostrils and enter the lungs then leave it fast with loud roar like a blower.

How to do Bhastrika pranayama

Bhastrika pranayama step by step, to perform bhastrika pranayama you should follow the following steps in a systematic way. first of all choose a clean place where fresh air comes, sunlight reaches and if there are trees and trees nearby,then such a place is considered best for doing yoga. Lay the postures like mat or yog mat on the ground and sit in padmasana or sukhasana,vajrasana as per your comfortable. now keep your hands on your knees in meditation or air posture and calm the mind and bring the mind to it is present state. now take deep breath 2 to 3 times and prepare yourself for pranayama. now inhale slowly in your lungs as slowly as you can through the nose, and after full breathing,after exhaling, exhale throughthe nose with intense tremors, you have to do this 10 times continuously. after 10 times this process is complete, take 2 to 3 deep breath,in the whole process,you have to keep in mind that your mouth should remain closed.that is breath in and release the whole process from the nose. in this way one set of bhastrika pranayama will be completed. in the initial days,you can set as many as 5 to 10 times, then slowly increase your speed an time duration.

Benefits of Bhastrika pranayama

So let us know what are the some important benefits of doind bhastrika pranayama through this article. how it is done and what precautions we should take while doing bhastrika pranayama, according to the yoga scriptures,just as the blacksmith bhastrika intensifies the iron burning fire,similarly the bhastrika pranayama intensifies the fire in the human body. we get to see the following benefits of bhastrka pranayama.

(1) Due to intense fire,the effect of bile increases,which increases the appetite of the person. and the person mind and consciousness become very active.

(2) Oxygen levels rise in the body,and the impurities present in the body are removed. relieves problems like colds,phlegm,and sore throat. the energy level in the body increases,immune system is strong and prevents from cold in winter.

(3) There is sufficient amount of vital energy in all the cells of body,a persons memory, focus, and concentration increase. a persons lungs, and respiratory system are strong and digestive system is strong so that the nutrients present in the food are absorbed properly.

(4) The skin glow and the skin infection is removed, by continuous practice a person becomes vertical, that is, his sex energy moves upwards, whichy increases creative and analysis power. excessive work reduces lust and increases brain control.

(5) Kundalini power is awakened by which a person reaches the ultimate state of spirituality. these are some important benefits of bhastrika pranayama, but to get the maximum benefit from it, it is very important that you do pranayama continuously in thye right way.


Keep in mind before practicing any pranayama,it is very important that you also have knowledge of the disadvantages and precautions related to it. otherwise you may face more loss than the benefits of pranayama. so let us know what are the disadvantages of bhastrika pranayama and which precautions we should take care of while doing bhastrika pranayama.

The main purpose of bhastrika pranayama is to increase the element of fire in the body,but for a person whose fire is already intense,the practice of bhastrika pranayama can be harmful. such a person may face the following problems.

Hungry more often than necssary,excessive thoughts of waste, mind disturbed,increase in the blood pressure,extreme hot and sweating a lot. overall if the person with excessive bile in the body will practice bhastrika pranayama may be suffer from bile related diseases.


precautions of bhastrika pranayama to avoid the damage of mentioned above, you should take care of the following precautions during bhastrika pranayama.

If you are suffering from high blood pressure problem then you should not practice bhastrika pranayama,otherwise your condition may worsen. if you have had an operation recently, then you should not do bhastrika pranayama. women shoulod not do this pranayama during pregnancy or menstrution. initially do this pranayama slowly then increase bot the speed and duration as per the practice. this pranayama should always be done completely on an empty stomach,if you are already suffering from a serious illness thn do bhastrika pranayama only after consulting a doctor. a person suffering from TB,ulcers,asthama,stones,epilepsy,hernia, should not practice it. if your nose is closed youare suffering from sinus or you have enlarged nose then you should practice it only after consulting your doctor. if you feel dizzy nervous or nauseous during exercise, you should stop the practice immediately.

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