Amla fruit

Hello guys today we are going to talk about a fruit which is very beneficial for our health, yes i am talking about Amla, which is a natural source of vitamin C. and we all know how imp[ortant vitamin C to our body, Amla is a single fruit which is very effective to avoid from multiple diseases. so without wasting a time first we will try to something about amla and its benefits of health. amla is a gift to us which is gifted by nature, it contains vitamin C, if you use it daily then your eye and hair problems will be far away because it controls falling hair problem. its very used fruit as medicine in Ayurveda. and it is effective in multiple health problems, it removes all stomach related problem like gas,acidity and constipation. your mind can be sharp too if you use it regularly. so let us some important health benefits one by one.

Useful in hair problems

Amla is very effective in all types of hair problem, it makes hair stronger,dence,black and shiny. it used in many hair oil and shampoo just because of so useful for hair. you can use amla internaly or externaly, means you can apply amla powder on your head and you can eat too. its being used to removing hair problem since ancient times. it reduces 90% hair fall problem, so Amla is very important to get a healthy hair. it is very important to know the reason of falling hair, our hair fall just because of low vitamin C. and amla is a natural source of vitamin C. so if you use it properly, it reduces hair fall, dandrruf, and early grey hair problems. Amla contains antioxidant which is very useful to hair, if you apply amla pest on your head your head scalp becomes healthy. and it helps to grow healthy hair, and amla has a fatty acid which helps to grow hair and make hair stronger. apply amla hair oil on your head scalp to get healthy hair and rreduce dandrruf from your head.

Useful in Eye problems

If you are facing an any types of eye problems then amla is very effective to increasing eye vision, who use amla daily their lights increases. it reduces all types of eye problems like blindness in night, blurred, etc, if you have Amla regularly. you should amla juice with mix of honey to get a maximum results.

Sharp your mind

Amla has a vitamins and minrels which is very useful for our mind,iron rich blood provides oxygen to our brain for better functioning along with improving memory power. amla has antioxidant which is very useful to keep healthy your mind. amla is a very powerful brain tonic which make mind sharp and improve memory power and concentration power. to make a healthy and sharp mind use amla fruit in raw form.

Provide calcium

Amla can be a good natural source of calcium, but many peoples not aware of this. our body need calcium to keep healthy bone, teeth, nails, and hair. to make healthy all of these we need vitamin c which contains amla. to making a healthy teeth we should eat amla on daily basis, because amla is a powerful antimicrobiol agent so it reduces many types of bacterial problem.

Metabolic activity

Our body can be always fit and healthy if we take a protein rich diet, we need an enough protein to growth of muscles and body cells. and amla has a higher protein, so take a amla in your diet and live healthy and fit.

Amla for respiratory system

Respiratory system has an important role of breath inhale and exhale, to avoid these problems cold,cough,bronchaitis asthma we should use amla regularly. but amla is a cold nature so we should use it with honey and black pepper. amla has a vitamin C which is very effective to reduce respiratory problems. amla uses in cold cough problem as herbal medicine, if you use amla regularly your immune system will be improve and work properly.

Useful in woman problems

Amla is very effective in menstrual pain which a women face every month, amla has a vitamina and minrels which is effective to for away this problem. so women ahould add amla in daily diet to avoid above problems.

useful in Diabetes

If you have a diabetes or avoid it then you should definitely use amla because it activate cells which make insulin. and insulin control suger in blood. you should amla with turmaric if you have diabetes patient, will get a more benefit.

Effective in pregnancy

You should use amla if you are pregnant because it is very useful in a pregnancy. if you have a vomating problem during pregnancy then you shoud eat marma of marma, so eat amla to avoid all above problems.

Some other benefits

So here i am going to tell you some other health benefits of eating amla daily. because amla is very useful and natural source of vitamin C.

(1) if you are facing a problem of piles then you should definetely use amla powder with milk twice a day. you will get a relief from piles.

(2) If you feel burning during urine discharge, use fresh amla fruit with honey, you will get a relief from this problem.

(3) If you are facing a problem of kidney stone then take a amla powder with radish juice for a some days you will get awesome result.

(4) it helps to keep healthy your throat and use amla with ginger to reduce problem of sore throat and thyroid. and it also reduce of some urinery problems. amla removes toxins from our body if we use it reglarly. because it contains water too which help to remove toxins through urine.

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