Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera)

hello guys today i am going to talk about a ayurvedic medicine which is very popular in ayurveda, and specially used as a power tonic to better performance during physical relation with your loveone. so without any suspence creating let me tell you about that medicine which being used in ayurveda since ancient time. its called Ashwagandha in ayurveda, so let us know something about Ashwagandha before knowing its benefits.

What is ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera)

It is an important medicine in ayurveda, its not only plant but to capicity of reducing many diseases. ashwagandha roots and leafs to be used as a medicine, and it is capable to cure various serious diseases. and its comes in a various form at present time like capsule,liquid,and powder too. ashwagandha is botonical name is Withania Somnifera, its used to removing multiple diseases like weakness, thyroid, skin problems and many more which we will know below one by one.


There are multiple health benefits of using ashwagandha but here i am going to talk about some important one, its being used in many physical problems in ayurveda since ancient time and result was awesome. for this reason ashwagandha became important medicine in ayurveda, but its popular for increasing sex power and reducing any types of sexual weakness in both man and woman.

effective in metabolism

Ashwagandha is very effective in metabolism because it contains antioxidants which helps to reducing toxins from your body. and make easier body machinism to perform better. so use ashwagandha daily to get awesome result but before using it cunsult your doctor.

Effective in Heart

It is a very beneficial to our heart, because ashwagandha keeps protected from heart diseases such as high cholesterol and high BP. if you use regularly your body blood circulation will be better, which stops the clot of the closure, which keeps safe from heart attack. so use aswagandha fir cauring your heart but take a expert advice before using ashwagandha.

effective in infections

Ashwagandha is very useful to botha man and woman, it has a quality of antibacterial, and antifungle,which is very effetive to finish mostly infections. and we all know there is so common to be infected in women during menstural. and it is effective to reducing sweiling in pregnancy. if any woman has a problem of white discharge then use ashwagandha, you will get awesome result because it is very effective in this problem.

Effective in cancer

This ayurvedic madicine is very effective in cancer, because ashwagansha reduces growth of cancer cells. so its useful for cancer patient, and it reduces bad effect of cancer chimotherepy. and it stops to growing new cancer cells. and ashwagandha has a antigenic quality, this is the helps of these cancer cellsprevent the blood vessel from which the helps of cures. because cancer cells are responsible for growing cancer. and ashwagandha helps to control these cells, ashwagandha makes reactive oxygen species which helps to finish cancer cells.

Useful in depression

Ashwangandha is very effective in depression, and we all know how common to be depressed in the present time just because of our life style and work load etc. so if you have a problem of insomania, anexity lazgyness then ashwangandha can be very effective to overcome from this situation. because when we use ashwagandha an any form like capsule,powder, liquid, it makes energy in our brain which helps to sleep early. and it has quality of reducing depression, and keeps calm our mind. it also reduce level of stress hormon cortisole. and it also helps to cure high blood pressure problem. if you use ashwagandha powder with hot milk, it reduce depression and cholestrol too.

Effective in skin disorder

To avoid any types of skin problem we should use ashwagandha because it helps to reduce wrinkle, and acne. and cure any other skin diseases too. you can also use to make your skin glowing and healthy to look younger than your age for long time. it is useful to cure caratosis, and it has high quality of antioxidants which helps to reduce black spot and early aging process.

Useful in hair problems

Ashwagandha is very effective to control hair fall because it low level of cortisole. and it also control loss of melenin to reduce risk of early greying your hair. ashwagandha has a tyrocine which is a amino acid which trigre making of melenin in the body, it makes hair roots stronger, if you use parachute oil with ashwagandha your hair will never fall in early age. if you use ashwagandha with giloy,your bones become stronger. we all know the reson of hair fall stress, if you use ashwagandha which will reduce insomania problem and you will sleep peacefuly. which is very important to healthy hair.

Increasing Muscular strength and immunity

Ashwagandha is very effective to reduce muscule weakness and making our bone stronger. its positive effects on brain and our nervous systems. and it makes our immune system stronger,


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