Wheat grass

Hello guys today we are going to talk about wheat grass which called superfood because there are multiple health benefits of wheat grass, so here we will try to know some important benefits of wheat grass. but before knowing benefits of using this, we will know something about wheat grass. so let us start,the green leaves of small wheat plant which has amazing power to make pure blood. that is why the juice of these wheat grass has been called green blood. one reason for calling it green blood is that if the chemical composition is taken care of, both the wheat grass juice and the human blood of the human blood will be treated with Ph. factor 7.4 is only due to which its juice is quickly absorbed by its blood. making it a god given nectar for anemia and jaundice patients.

components of wheat grass

Wheat grass has a all important elements which needed for our health like protein,vitamins,carbohydrates,minerals,etc are all nutritious elements in the wheat grass which are necessary to keep the body healthy.after long and extensive research,it has been found that the consumption of small green plant juice of wheat has proved to be very effective in diseases like physical weakness,anemia asthma,cough,jaundice,diabetes,gout,hemorrhoids, even with its distinct ability to regenerate human cells and having high quality antioxidants. its good effects have been seen in the early stages of a deadly dieases like cancer. many important discoveries have been made in this context, american famous medical scientist dr. a. vigmore has found after long research and extensive research on the nutritional and medicinal properties of wheat.


Using of wheat green grass juice has unexpected benefits too in constipation,acidity,arthritis,vaginal,diabetes,ophthalmology,mucus, hypertension, air disorder, consuming wheat green grass juice increases immense physical strength and it is a panacea for urinary bladder stones.

Purifire blood

By regular consumption of wheat grass juice and pulse purification system, human body gets ride of all types of blood disorders by purifying all the nerves of the human body. adequate chlorophyll is found in wheat grass which rapidly forms blood, hence it has also been termed as natural atom. vitamin b and c in the juice of wheat leaves and e is found in plenty.


Even with its distinct ability to regenerate human cells and being a high quality antioxidant, it has seen good effects in the early stage of deadly disease like cancer. not only this on the boils and pimples, the small green plantain of wheat plant acts as an antiseptic and anti inflammatory drug. according to doctor Vigmore the juice of wheat grass has proved to be better than any good tonic in removing any kind of physical weakness.

Natural energy booster

It is such a natural enhancer tonic which can be used by men and women of any age as long as they want, due to this qiality it is called green blood. wheat is considerd to bo paramount in food grainsdue to excess of nutrients. it contains all the nutritious elements like protein,vitamins,carbohydrates minerals. which are necessary to keep body fit and healthy. scientist of Brahmavarchas research institute located in haridwar have also done many simle and cheap experments to bring the benefits of the quality of wheat to the general people.


According to the research scientists of this institute,ginding a little greencoach and four to five black peppers with fresh wheat grass juice and drinking the juice out of it,it increases the immunty of the body. it is worth nothing that geassy grasses should always be taken only from clean places like fields,orchards, and gardens. scientists of the institute have also told the simple way to grow wheat grass,for this seven small pot of soil should be taken and they should be filled with soil from a clean place, the soil should be rough and chemical free.

anti aging

It is written in the Arogya shastras about the effect of wheat grass in the aging process, take a freash green wheat grass and make a juice and use it regularly day by day after using some days you will be amazed the result of wheat grass. because it is very effective to slow down aging process. so use wheat grass juice and look younger than your age.

How to use wheat grass

Only the green part of wheat grass juice is beneficial when you consume,the wheat grass should be washed before extracting the juice. keep in mind that the height of the wheat grass from which the juice is extracted should be only 5 to 6 inches. and take an empty stomach in the morning to get a maximum result,

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