Swet (safed) musli

Hello guys today we will talk about a health benefits of an ayurvedic medicine which called white musli. there are multiple benefits of using whte musli but white musli is very effective in sexual disorder and weakness, so it use as a health tonic in ayurveda since ancient times. so here we will try to know something about white musli before knowing its benefits.

introduction of white musli

white musli is a herb that grows naturally around india. this plant grows in the rain forest of the region, for this region this herb has been used by local people for many years. ayurveda has indentified the use of this herb in a good way and has also explained it to the people, generation by generation. ayurveda has understood that in this plant, there are lot of treatment benefits. of all the benefits of white musli, the greatest benefits is to increase sexual stamina and cure impotance. due to this special feature, white musli is also named as indian viagra. or herbal viagra.


white musli contains such a proteins, vitamins, alkaloids,fats, carbohydrates and polysaccharides are found in large quantities in white musli. in english this plant is called, indian spider plant and its scientific name is chlorophytum borivilianum.


now time to tak abut its benefits of using, on the one hand the use of white musli is used to relieve the pain of joint,on the other hand in some parts of india, it is also eaten like a vegetable. its benefits are not limited to just that much space, its also used in the treatment of arthritis,uri,diabetes. if we look at the ayurvedic system of medicine,the white musli is both important in extinguishing bile and extinguishing vata. but on the other hand, this phlegm increases the defect. this is the reason that when someone has any problem with relation to phlegm thenthey should abstain from taking it. we have already told you that white musli has unique quality of enhancing sexual ability, but with the same benefits, it also treats problem such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. so let us talk about all its benefits in this section.

Useful in increasing stamina

Whenever you talk to a person about the benefits of white musli, the first benefit you will here is that it increases sexual power. this is one of its great benefits, that is why many people know it as herbal viagra. researches on animal reveal that white musli increases levels of sex hormones such as testosterone along with boosting work and stimulation. for this reason to increase sexual ability this drug is used.

Stop premature Ejaculation

In people whose lifestyle and eating patterns are deteriorating, problems of premature ejaculation are being found. many people due to shame can not even reach a doctor, and on the internet they find a cure for this problem. for such people only white musli is an effective herb. later on you can also treat it as a medicine for premature ejaculation. but before using it excessively, you must consult your doctor once.

Effective in bodybuilding

In addition to increasing sexual stamina, bodybuilding or bdy strength also has to be increased. one of the many benefits of white musli. for this reason most of todays gym people instruct their trainers to use white musli supplements. it is also beneficial for those who get tired after doing a little work. in the case the white musli can benefit them a lot.

Immunity booster

The white musli plays an important role in strengthening the body immune system,or immunity. it prevents a lot of virus related diseases in which cold can also be a major problem. if you are having frequent colds or flu disease then to increase your immunity, you must start taking white musli. all you have to do is to take half a teaspoon of musli with a spoon of honey or milk in the morning and evening.

Urinary diseases

If a person has frequent urination or is jealous of urination in both cases he should use white musli. this gives him relief. on the other hand it is also beneficial for women who have problems with lecorrhea or white discharge, a lot of research also suggests that white musli can correct the problem of lecorrhea in a few days.

Useful in arthritis

With increasing age one thing that is found in all people is the pain of bones and joints. most of the older people in india remain the patients arrhythmia,if you use white musli. then arrhythmia you will get relief from the pain of.

Cancer prevention

A lot of experts say that by consuming white musli, the fear of cancer can be avoided this process stops the growth of cancer cells, and controls can be found in dreaded diseases such a cancer.

Weight Loss

It is absolutely true that white musli increases physical strength and strength,but at the same time,it also increases weight. on the one hand if you drink it with hot milk your weight will increase. on the other hand if you drink it with hot water,your weight will also decrease. for this reason white musli can be used in both situations. weight loss or weight gain.in both cases as needed.

Nutrients found in white musli nutrients ayurveda informs us that, at the roots of this plant, there are best things. in these roots there is a huge treasure of vitamins and minerals. but here we should understand that everything is not only in the roots of the white musli. he has other parts which are beneficial for us. its seeds for example also contain many elements which we can use. if you talk only about the roots of white musli then they contain many nutrients like carbohydrates protein fiber,support. along with these they also contain calcium, potassium,magnesium.

Side effect of white musli

Even you must have understood that the white musli has many benefits but we also have to understand that, if you take it too much, or wrongly, then it will also harm you can. although there is not much scientific evidence to prove the side effects of white musli but a lot of ayurvedic experts are aware of these damages. let us talk about thease side effexts.

Loss of appetite

If you are using white musli in excessive quantity it can either reduce your appetite, or dissipate it. for this reson seek the advice of your doctor, and follow its guidelines well. as soon as you are hungry see your doctor as soon as possible.

Increase phlegh

white musli is a cool substance for this reason it increases phlegm in the body which is not very beneficial.


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