Hair fall problem

Hello guys today we are going to talk a very common health problem, which is facing lots of people. yes i am talking about hair fall problem which is very common in this time just because of our food habit and lifestyle. by the way hair fall can be a genetic problem but has a some other reason too. falling hair can be a common after a perticular age but early age hair fall problem can not take so easily. and this problem facing both male and female, so here through this article we will try to no how to avoid early age baldness and control hair fall through natural way. before the knowing its solution, first we should know the reason of hair falling. when we have a low protein diet and taking so stress about anything or using any other chamicalfull product which is very harmfull to hair, for this reason not to be produce enough keratin in the body which is very important to hair growth.

How to control

there are multiple way to control hair fall naturally, which has a zero side effect but here we will tell you some very common and easy way to control hair fall. and these solution can be effective to hair regrowth too. so without wasting enough time i am going to tell you some natural way to control hair fall below.

use Amla

Amla is very effective in any types of hair problem and it is being used since ancient time in ayurveda to remove hair problem. and we all know amla contains Vitamin C and its natural source of vitamin c, which is important to hair growth, so if you want to control really your hair fall problem naturally then you must have to use amla internaly and externaly too. use amla powder twice a day with warm water and wash your hair from amla juice. which will help to removing dandruff from your scalp. and its very natural to use with zero side effect. so start using amla and will get a benefit in a some days.

Onion juice

Onion can be effective in a hair fall problem because it contains enough sulphur, which is very important to make hair stronger and regrowth. now the question comes, how to use onion so do not worry you can use onion internaly and externely if you want to use it externely to grind onion make a juice and apply it over head scalp and leave it for 30 minutes. and after the compeating duration wash it through water, and apply onion mix coconut oil which will help to regrowth hair. so start using onion juice atleast four times in a week to getting a awesome result.

Use coconut milk

We all know aboout health benefits of using coconut but here i will tell you how can be effective coconut milk to control hair fall and hair regrowth. and we all know how useful coconut hair oil and its being used from long time, but here will talk about coconut milk, to get benefit you have to apply coconut milk on your hair root and leave it for some minutes then wash it, to get a awesome result you should use it atleast six month.


To getting a strong hair and avoid early age baldness you have to take a protein rich diet, so add those diet which contains high protein like add some green vegetables and fruits, and you can use eags and fish to get a essantial vitamin to hair growth because fich contains omega 3 fatty acid which is important to avoid skin diseases including hair fall problem. because our body need enough protein to work properly body organ and supply blood on your head scalps. so be aware about your diet and take a protein rich diet in daily life.


Exercise is very important to stay fit in your life, if you want to make a your hair strong and avoid hair fall and early age baldness then you have to do exercise daily. because our hair roots and scalps need proper blood supply, to being stronger. so do some exercise to blood circulation in your body along with head scalp. now the question is which exercise have to do, you can do jogging, running swimming and yoga too, because yoga can be very effective to control hair fall, some yogasan is very helpful to control hair fall like headstand. so do exercise daily if you want to avoid hair fall problem and want to keep fit your body.


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