Daibetes cure naturally

Hello guys today we will talk about a very common health disease now a days, just because of our lifestyle. yes i am talking about diabetes which badly affect our health and fitness. and why i called its common, just because lots of peaple facing this problem in this time. once if you affected from diabetes, then your whole life will be dipendent on medicine. but if you change your life style and food can avoid this disease, so before the knowing how to cure naturally diabetes. we must know somethig about diabetes. so here first we will try to know about diabetes, after will talk about cure naturally.


when pancrease get a low insulin, which is a hormon then glucose increases in the blood, this situation is called diabetes. insulin converts food into energy, and this hormon control suger in your body. if someone suffer from diabetes, then difficult to convert food into energy, which effects over all your body. diabetes can cuse of an other serious diseases, and taking is litely can destroy all your body eco system. there are two types of diabetes, type 1 is a auto immune disorder, in this situation beta cells can not make insulin. at this stage pateint take insulin injections to balance insulin in your body. mostly it affect youngers and childrens. now time to talk about tipe 2 diabetes, the body can not use insulin perfectly just because of low insulin in type 2 diabetes.

Symptoms of diabetes

Now les us know some common symtoms of diabetes, becuse its important to know about most common symptoms of diabetes. but here i am going to tell you some very common symptoms, like frequent urination, continuiously pain in your body, infection in your skin and private part, cavity in teeth, excessive thrust and dry throat, low eye vision, sudden weight gain and low. laginess and weakness, excessive hunger, if these symptoms in your body then you need to consult your doctor to proper checkup.

Cure of Diabetes

diabetes patient use insulin injection to control diabetes, and some use insulin pump too, but here i will tell you some natural method to cure diabetes, by changing your diet and lifestyle like food behaveir. because your healthy depends on what to choose to eat or what to not eat. i think diabetes patient should use green vegetables and some fruits in your diet which has a less suger contains. you should do regular exercise like jogging,Yoga, and some light weight exercise which will help to overcome from diabetes along with balance diet plan. so let us know about some natural cure of diabetes one by one.


If you have a diabetic or avoid to diabetes from your live you should use amla, take a amla juice and mix one little spoon turmaric and honey and mix it properly then drink it. its amazing benefit, because of amla contains chromium which helps to control suger level in your body. and it increases insulin circulation in your body, for the reason amla is so effective in diabetes.

blackberry (jamun)

If you want to natural solution of diabetes then balackberry can be perfect for you because it is very effective in this disease, use blackberry with a spoon of honey which will balance your suger. only blackberry not its leaf can be effective too. because its leaf has a quality to control diabetes, and you can use java plum seeds too.

Use Guava

You can use guava daily to control your diabetes but its not a medicine its a fruit which really helps to control diabetes. guava or guava leaf is effective to control glucose in your blood, and you can use guava tea which can help to low blood suger level in your body. and it has a fiber and vitamin C which maintain your body weight.

Use green tea

we should use green tea daily to combat diabetes, because green tea is very effective in diabetes. because it increases metabolic system which help to control type 2 diabetes. green tea has a polyphenols which control glucose level in your body, and decrease risk of diabetes. if you use 3 to 4 cup of green tea daily, which can reduce 33 percent risk of diabetes.

Use Ginger

Ginger can be effective in diabetes now question is how to use it, so do not worry, i am telling you, take a cup of water then mix a ginger pest and boil it properly before using it, and you can use it twice a day for getting awesome result. if you use daily ginger water so it helps to control blood suger level because it is a natural antibiotic.

Use bitter gourd

To use bitter gourd in diabetes take a cup of bitter juice and mix little bit salt and half spoon black pepper pawder and two spoon leamon juice and mix it properly before using it. to take a full benefits of this mixture, use it empty stomach. bitter gourd has a fiber which is a antidiabitic mixture which has a quality to control glucose level in your blood


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