Constipation problem

Hello guys today we are going to talk about very common disease, which can affect our body compleately. here i am talking about constipation which is very common now a days. just because of our lifestyle and bad food habit. constipation can be a causes of any big diseases, so if you are suffring from constipation then do not take it so easy, you need to aware about it. it is not a big problem but can be if ignore it. so here we will talk about solution of constipation and i will tell you how to overcome from constipation naturally and changing some your lifestyle. because constipation is just a effect of our bad lifestyle so including good lifestyle and good food habit we can avoid it. so here let us know little bit about constipation, then talk about its solution.

Constipation and symptoms

Actually what we have in our daily life if can not digest properly, then it can be a reason of constipation. so it is very important to digest what we eat, so that body can absorb important nutreints from food. an other body toxins remove through passing stool. now time to talking about some symptoms of constipation, so symptoms of constipation is very common, if you do not pass stool 2 to 3 days, your stool can be hard and feeling pain during passing stool. toungh colour can be white and brown, pain in stomach and enlargement, insomania, decreasing your hunger, pain in head, so it is symptoms of constipation.

Reason of Constipation

Actually it is common problem and it happens because of not drinking enough water. and some other reason responcible to constipation too. like excessive using nonvage food, using oily and spicy food,during pregnancy, weak digestive system,early sleeping at night after food,using more dairy products,having low fiber food,depression,not eating healthy food. so this is some common reason of suffring from constipation.

Solution of constipation

So now time to talk about solution of constipation because it is very important to know the right solution of overcoming from constipation. so let us know some solution of constipation without wasting a enough time.

(1) Drink a right amount of water,atleast 8 glass of water in a day. it will help to digest food properly. and use any warm liquid in the morning, and include some fruits and green vegetables in your diet.

(2) Include vegetables,beens,fruits, and high fiber food in your diet and do exercise atleast five times in a weak to proper blood circulation in stomach area. do not avoid pressure of passing stool because it can be a causes of constipation. avoid taking stress and do some meditation to keep calm your mind.

What to eat and what not

It is very important to know what to eat what not in constipation. if you are suffring with constipation from long time, then it can affect your skin too. and you can loss your natural skin glow. so we should take 20 to 25 gram fiber in a day because it helps to clean your stomach. eat popcorn it has a caloreis which is a good source of fiber. use beens because its a big source of fiber other than. you can also eat some dry fruits which contains enough fiber. use brokly which contains protein, calcium,corbohydrates,iron,vitamin A, and C which very helpful in constipation. it is very important to having fruits in a constipation because it contains pactine which help to reduce constipation. specially berry,apple,papaya,which is very effective in constipation problem. drinking soup can be a better optionsw to combat constipation which helps to passing stool easily. so use above diet to overcome from constipation.

what not to eat

Now time to talk what not to eat in constipation, do not use dairy product because it is very harmful in constipation, these products increase constipation. like milk, curd,icecreame, and avoid to eat nonvage because it increases constiation problem. do not eat so oily and spicy food which weaken your digestive system, so stay away from oily and spicy food. and stay away from drinking and smoking because it helps to increase constipation. and we all know how harmful drinking and smoking to health.


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